We're are at war! Ep. 9: GARRISON YOUR HEART; WE'RE AT WAR. KARDAYAH'S Soul's Motivational Shine

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  1. We're are at war! Ep. 9: GARRISON YOUR HEART; WE'RE AT WAR.
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I went from broke, broken, drunken and living the life of a loose woman. Failure was all around me. I thought. Yahawashawa showed me a better way. YAH Power got me there. Come see how.

Shalowm Familiy, KARDAYAH’S Soul here.

Many people hate Donald J. Trump for so many reasons. I on the other had, for a few reasons; have admired and inquired about him throughout most of my life. It started around the middle school.

The word teaches us how to, “judge the ru’aah by the ru’aah. I say eat the meat and spit out the bones. He was not sent here to be hamashiach. Yet, He was a YAH chosen man.

I feel that Donald Trump was ONE OF the best leaders that this country has ever had. I have my reasons for saying that. I kinda wish he was still there. I have my reasons for saying that. So I’ll share a few of them with you now.

1. IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE THERE ARE MANY MANSIONS. Yahawashua told me that. So, I’m gonna get me ONE!
2. Mr. Trump bares the fruit of a wealthy man. (Take Note.)
3.He maintains through failure.
4. He knows how to bounce back, balance and maintain. After failure.
5. He may sound like an airhead when it comes to politics. But #MrTrump knows how to HOLD HIS MOUTH. (This is essential IN LIFE. My mom taught me that.)
There is a goal in getting wealthy and/or rich. To me it is balancing Life, Money, Spirit and Weallth. (Outside of the influence of the world. This is Yisrael’s goal.)
6. The man plays the game. Well.
7. He fights. ( Resist)
8. He usually proves His: innocence, point, and or place of involvement.
9. What do you mean KARDAYAH’S Soul? People may say a lot of things about him. But you rarely catch him with his hands ACTUALLY IN IT!
10. He plays His position and is consistent. 11. He speaks his mind to prove this. I have watched this man do this. Even when He was made to make moves at short notice and/or against His choice. He exposed the current scheme to remove Him from His seat. Which did work.(He was not IMPEACHED.) (THIS WAS PROVEN. LOOK IT UP)He may not be the most righteous man. BUT YAH (PSALMS 68:4) CHOOSES ALL OF THE LEADERS OF THE WORLD.
12. He showed us how to maneuver through this system; when you can. He won most arguments and was allegedly taken down by a vicious False Flag.

The message was there. Did you see it? This is about riches and wealth #Yahsharahla. Our 400 years are up. It’s time to receive the berakah of Abraham.


Get the message family. This is about wealth.

If you want to be rich and/or wealthy. You Need to learn these main points EXACTLY. Oh, yeah read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. (You can listen to it.)

@RobertKyosaki is one of my new inspirations. He has really helped me to grow quickly. @WallstreetTrapper is the man with the plan also. My mind grew and things started to fit in quickly. When I started listening to Him.

Stop looking at the man. Did you hear CLEARLY what he said? Did you get the message? Press play family. Start learning something. YAH requires that me leave something for our children.

Shalam and Berakah Family.

I thought that I was in for a life long fight to rid myself of you. Not only from my shattered life, but to wash you from my soul. My conscience can no longer stand your space. Umm.. that was deep.

I almost lost my life to you. Your way pointed me to death. I was being whipped while soothing you. My spirit continuously wept.

I was a 1000 miles ahead of you. You we’re only in my way. Hmmph…
And I let you shake me. You played a playa. You humiliated me in every way. Poor little me.

Sadly, I loved you. Like really loved you. I’ve realized it recently. I know that you knew these things too. I smelled the deceit that you wore with pride.

You’ve casted an immense shade over me. You put out my light. You applied pressure to my pressure points. You controlled my life. My oh my, The sly ONES I do like.

But all that was fading away. All of the games that you’ve played. All of the grieving that you’ve put me through. It is slowly fading away. The heavy loads of confusion. The outlandish things that I’ve been accustomed to.

Whilst honoring you as my king. I set myself up for doom. Mrs. Coretta, yes me. You played me like a pro. The battleship that we were on; almost sank with my soul.

Just to think that I would have chosen you and completely lost myself. I would have fought the waves forever. Just to live my life with you. I would have given it all away just to be with you. I would have loved you endlessly. If only you were true.

But Yah. But Yah wouldn’t let you stop me. This force to be reckoned with.

Yah continuously knocked me around while you we’re knocking Me down. Then he picked me up and pointed my feet. He stood beside me he continued to guide me. He showed me that he loved me.

And guess what Yah didn’t lie. He stepped in to draw a line. He popped open my ears and opened my EYE. Each day I grow stronger and more satisfied. He’s never lied.

So to you I write this letter. I hope it reaches you in time. Because my heart belongs to another. Oh, how he makes me smile. He promised that he’ll hold my heart. To him I will be true. He told me that he would cherish me. He’s just better than you.


Coretta Brewton ©2016