My uncle once said to me, “Yeah, you passed Math. But you failed at life.” I was 29 years old. My father lay in his hospital bed listening; with not a word to say. But YAH.

Today I stand before you a very successful woman of YAH. I am now a Country Soul artist, author, wife, spiritual life coach, and3 mother. How was this possible? You may ask.

I cried out to YAH. I CRIED with a meek ru’aah, a broken and a contrite, crumbling heart. So HE started to mold me. He picked me up and taught me how to walk all over again. Correctly this time. He taught me how to stand and directed me back to what my heart and soul have always yearned for. HIM, the word, the truth, winning, learning, loving, helping, healing. He has introduced to me a very new and familiar vibrational pull.

I now vibrate on a progressive frequency of feeling good, looking good, being good. Seeking ye the kingdom of YAH and therefore attracting the rewards that HE has for me. HE has made life available to me again. He has made me deserving.

I am young. I am successful and my name and music are being heard. Yah’s way. My writings are being read. People are listening to my YouTube and podcasts. I now receive money from everywhere on a daily basis. And I am thankful for it.

Todah rabah Abba YAH for my abundance. Todah for my success. Todah for my limitless supply. Todah for establishing devine order in my life.

Now, for all who look to be freed. I’ll share with you my story. I pray that your ru’aah takes heed. YAH showed me in March of 2019, a message of deliverance that I had been longing to receive. I was practicing mad crazy faith. About a week before my husband and I would face being dismissed onto the streets. I was suddenly not afraid. Why? Well, because I’d been realizing that HE(YAH) could not lie. He had my back no matter what I decide to do. He has my back.

Now, at the moment of this mind blowing spiritual maneuver. I was doing my yoga stretches. My husband and I had been serving in a spiritual battle earlier that day. Yet, I was determined to have a day of Shalowm.

There was a demon stirring up and disrupting things. Therefore, sending my mind and soul into total quodesh. I was seeking answers inside. I needed to see if my prior descisions and affirmations were wise. My faith was being tried.

So how did it happen? Well, YAH showed me the infinite 8’s. But not all together this time. I am used to seeing triple number combinations.

After taking a few heart settling, calming, deep breaths to soothe my agitated ru’aah. She wanted to run away. To poof us away, but I stayed.

I had lain down on the floor to relax. My ru’aah was fighting hard to keep balance inside of me. My lips pressed together. I drifted further into thought. I was questioning YAH. HE began to answer me.

My soul and train of thought were on improvement. YAH had jump started my dream life. My life was going to succeed because Yahawasha’ said, “Be not afraid. Only believe.”. That’s ABBA YAH. I had to listen!

I vaguely remember the first 8 appearing on the tv. It was odd, but it was there. I then looked down at the cable box and there was another 8. Mathematically this time. (As I write this another 8 has been made apparent.)

I thought. Are my angels trying to speak to me?

My spirit was so awake at this point that I was scrambling to grab my phone to find out. I needed to know what these 8’s were saying. I was shook.

I suddenly I felt a fear that had been left to simmer in a pan of gut wrenching excitement. This followed by overwhelming, joy, shock, and admiration. At this time Ru’aah had begun to urge me to pay attention. So I did.

As soon as I looked at my phone. It was there. Staring right back at me! The last 8. Just as beautiful as can be. It hit me so hard that I actually felt a thump in my upper left chest. It startled me a lotta bit!

I searched for the meaning of the 8’s and then I received my direction toward abundance, prosperity, many blessings, a life of ease, security, favor. Abundance. All for us. All promised. Signed and sealed by YAH.

I went through the fire to be reformed. I had been studying to show myself approved. I had a goal to reach. The Ru’aah ha Quodesh was leading me. I had begun to manifest and attract my abundance. HE had sealed it and the angels of Shamayim were screaming it at me. By this point, I was drowning in praise.

We went through homelessness and so much struggle or vibrational alterations after this. That’s another story for another day. But YAH never allowed us to be on the streets. Neither hungry. Neither unsafe.

We are receiving and being overtaken by an abundance of money, food, freedom, and prosperity. No responsibilities outside of His will and His way. He set us on the path to abundance.

So now I speak to all when I say. Rise, come and live with the giver of life. YAHAWAH wa Yahawasha’. You never are too old to start to be great and to surpass your your wildest dreams of success. Struggles don’t exist. But an unbalanced or depleting shift in positive vibration is what you feel.

If you can continue to live and think success all of the way. If your gratitude is sincere and consistent. Your struggle could be close to a vacation. YAH will literally carry you on the wings of eagles.

You will have to work hard. You will hurt. You will fall and/or maybe even get pushed down. But you can and will live. You will be brought through the fire, and become a mighty tool of war in the end. Being a vessel of Abba YAH’s use is more than enough for me. He keeps me on my path.

Remember, nothing happens to you. Everything happens for you. The universe is working for you because The Creator, our Abba YAH wa Yahawahsha’ resides inside of you. It is HE who commands ALL. He infinitely sustains us all with the creation and execution of HIS will.

Take this testimony and learn to think. Therefore imagining, and creating your future. Read the word. Follow Him. Seek Him diligently to be ye transformed by the RENEWING OF YOUR MIND. Create your own success. You’ve been practicing all of this time. So why not?

Struggle can not be acknowledged. Don’t even speak his name. Just Call on Abba. Alert HIM of how you since a shift in vibrations. Sit and talk to him. Describe it all in detail. Ask for understanding and discernment on how to survive.

Tell HIM what you want. Ask if it is in HIS will. Then fight forward to be your best possible version of yourself. Because you should never be a failure to you. Create with the Creator residing inside of you.

Todah for coming to share this Taste of Grace with me. I’m truly honored to be able to share my testamonies of manifesting, healing, and extreme succeess with you. Todah Yah. Shalowm Family!❤💚💛💙💜