I thought that I was in for a life long fight to rid myself of you. Not only from my shattered life, but to wash you from my soul. My conscience can no longer stand your space. Umm.. that was deep.

I almost lost my life to you. Your way pointed me to death. I was being whipped while soothing you. My spirit continuously wept.

I was a 1000 miles ahead of you. You we’re only in my way. Hmmph…
And I let you shake me. You played a playa. You humiliated me in every way. Poor little me.

Sadly, I loved you. Like really loved you. I’ve realized it recently. I know that you knew these things too. I smelled the deceit that you wore with pride.

You’ve casted an immense shade over me. You put out my light. You applied pressure to my pressure points. You controlled my life. My oh my, The sly ONES I do like.

But all that was fading away. All of the games that you’ve played. All of the grieving that you’ve put me through. It is slowly fading away. The heavy loads of confusion. The outlandish things that I’ve been accustomed to.

Whilst honoring you as my king. I set myself up for doom. Mrs. Coretta, yes me. You played me like a pro. The battleship that we were on; almost sank with my soul.

Just to think that I would have chosen you and completely lost myself. I would have fought the waves forever. Just to live my life with you. I would have given it all away just to be with you. I would have loved you endlessly. If only you were true.

But Yah. But Yah wouldn’t let you stop me. This force to be reckoned with.

Yah continuously knocked me around while you we’re knocking Me down. Then he picked me up and pointed my feet. He stood beside me he continued to guide me. He showed me that he loved me.

And guess what Yah didn’t lie. He stepped in to draw a line. He popped open my ears and opened my EYE. Each day I grow stronger and more satisfied. He’s never lied.

So to you I write this letter. I hope it reaches you in time. Because my heart belongs to another. Oh, how he makes me smile. He promised that he’ll hold my heart. To him I will be true. He told me that he would cherish me. He’s just better than you.


Coretta Brewton ©2016