Because I Am A reflection of HIM. Because for so long I have missed HIM. I wondered if he would come. Now I live.

YAH let HIM find me. Now my story has begun. Ordained by Abba in the position of My Master he stands.

I hold His hand. I am loyal. His DNA stains the fibers of my inner things.

I vow a vow of patience, submission, substance, and truth. I’m honored to be chosen by the soul of you. I am enthralled by your passion; my time traveling fuel.

You are me. Yours is my body. Yours still feeds me vibrations created by the devine. To match my frequency. Blowing my mind.

My soul calls for you when you leave me. My soul told me it was you. It was true and we meant it.

My spikenard sings praises of blooming for you. Aromatherapy for you. It is true and we mean it.

We were planted for you. Our life began on the first day of Spring. My fruit fall with confidence. Landing in your hands complacently.

We have never trusted anyone so much.

I will trust in the heart of you. I know He and He we love so much. I Pledge Allegiance. Ba hashem Yahawashi Hamashiach.

©2019 KARDAYAH’S Soul