Shalowm family, Kardayah here. Todah Rabah for coming toady to dwell in our zone. We welcome you ba hashem Yahawashi Hamachiach.

Today we are vibing out to the high frequency emissions of Gratitude. If searching the web of all things manifestation. You will undoubtedly encounter many supporters of the gratitude method.

I myself was quickly drawn to this practice upon my first attempt of studying the law of attraction and manifestation. I had always been a major, “thank you Yahawasha'(Jesus)” fan. So studying the gratitude concept was like a crash refresher course on manifestation.

I remember a guy speaking on attracting his overflow of blessings. He spoke of how he was just overly thankful for everything. I immediately started to do my part to make this concept work. Therefore, today I have formed an ever expanding love and appreciation for gratitude.

I am constantly giving, “thank yous” (todahs), for everything and anything. From rocks, corndogs, and skates to happy babies, my perfume, and Shabbat revalations. I thank YAH for my abundance. I thank HIM for the deeply bred pain and scars that HE has and is healing.

He is real.

He is ALL and HIS wisdom has made me strong. Made me rich. Made me healthy and sustains my soul. He takes care of me in every aspect of life. All because I am grateful. Not with just my words but also my actions.

I have surrendered my will and purpose to YAH. YAH has began to pour old knowledge into me. I already knew some of these things from childhood. But he needed to cement me into HIS word so that HE could work through me.

Indulge in this vibe with me Family. Allow me a moment to digress.

Devinity My Love

I’d seen so many miracles preformed at my church. Unbelievable things. Some hard to be precieved and to some children terrifying to see. But not to me. Not all of the time anyway; I’d say it was extremely startling. Oddly enough,I started being more afraid the older that I got.

Yah has allowed me to see the spirits plaguing my people. They weren’t all bad, but just seemed to be aimlessly wandering before disappearing. They would simply continue on with their doings because they didn’t notice me. They didn’t see me paying attention. They did not know that I could see.

These things made me thirst for YAH’s knowledge. I yearned to learn how to heal people, situations and things. I wanted to hear the Ru’aah Ha Quodesh clearly speaking to me. I wanted to be like Yahawasha’.

I thought, “Could God teach me these things? How would I get HIM to choose me?”

My Answer.

Well, one night at church in a late night service. My aunt came rushing into the church. She was telling my Ma and some others that she was in the car with some guys who were flying down the road doing the wrong things. It was bad….She had jumped out of the moving car.

At the time of this event. I was starting to get kinda scared looking at her shaken state. I knew of her unhealthy lifestyle. So you can imagine the fear that I felt. I thought they were coming to get her. I just knew that at any minute; they would come walking in.

I was sitting with my hand on the Bible in the safe comforts of one of the hugest boys I had known; my cousin Jeremiah. So, I was calming a little. I started to feel more curious excitement and much safer.

Currently, we were sitting on the right side of Old Glory. (The nickname of our old church.) We were practicing strong faith that night as Bishop Hagan proceeded to cast out demons. I could barely see over the textured wooden framed pews with their blue cushioned seats.

I loved how the pews felt on my feet. But I hated the small exposed staples that always managed to scrape me. Those disrespectful things always ended up leaving me with the deepest cuts. I thought I’d be happier with new seats. I was for a while, but I still miss the old seats.

Anyhow, a lot was going on in the sanctuary that night. The leaders of Hagan Temple and The Negative Ru’aah (Which I call the devil. I only call his name to cast him out and damn him.) along with his emps were in a spiritual battle that night. I remember many highly spiritually active nights in our services. Yet, this night was much different from most. This was the realest of the real. This was visual. Almost physical.

Then I saw them walk right past me. They had calm focused looks on their faces. They moved forward toward the front of the church where my aunt stood.

It’s almost like they were looking for or at her. Like they were coming to settle the issue or tell their part. Then they just went away. I think I covered my eyes and ears. It terrified me. But I had to look. My heart was racing.

Eventually, all of us children were sent into the kitchen; away from the fight. To be shielded and protected by the prayers going on around us. I could feel the evil spirits dwelling around me and inquisitive ones too. I was looking all around for them too.

I remember looking at the pictures on the walls attempting to read my way back to reality. YAH had sent angels to comfort me a little. Yet, I was still very aware of that dynamic power that was stirring up inside of me. Also, the presence of the spirits that had revealed themselves. I remember feeling them leave.

After church, I had began to explain to my Ma, aunt, and Jeremiah about what I had seen.

“When you were talking about those men in the church.”, I started.”

I saw two men walking in.”, I said to my aunt looking up at her. Then at my Ma for a response.

“What kind of man? What did he look like? She quizzed me with itching ears.

“I saw two men.”, I replied. One has on a white shirt, a red bandana and shades.

(I don’t remember if I gave her the color of Their shirts, but it was red or white. I don’t remember a whole lot about the other guy except that he was a little older. But I can still see and feel their presence in my memory.)

The surprise on my aunt’s face almost made everything explode inside of me.

“That’s them Rat!”, She exclaimed. ( Rat is my childhood nickname. ❤)

“You described the exact thing they had on.”, She explained.

“Ma!”, She said alerting my grand-mother.

Then I explained it all over again. I oddly don’t remember my Ma’s response though. I felt ecstatic, excitement, and fear. I remember not wanting the night to end.

This is when I fell in love with devinity. HalleluYah!

Manifesting for HIS Glory.

Over the years, I have fought the Ru’aah. Spiritual things started to scare me. I replaced my ru’aah’s vibes with anxiety. Much like the guy from the movie, “Wanted”. (This movie oddly was a tool used to direct me back to Ru’aah. It helped encourage me to start to pay attention again.

So this is when YAH started to teach me how to calm down, attract and manifest. Therefore, preparing me to be aligned with the pull of HIS willing universe. Therefore, forging and engineering me to shine bright as the Son; for HIS glory.

My first step was speaking it into existence. So, I am continuously saying todah to YAH in advance. He has started to put my dreams on display in front of me.

I started to write in thanks. Thought in thanks. Woke up thanking and praising HIS quodesh name. Todah rabah ABBA YAH ba hashem Yahawasha’ Hamashiach.

Over the last 10 years, I have been practicing extreme gratitude. In return YAH has given me the career of my dreams. The man of my dreams. Along with so many other things that I thought I would never see. He does it for me because I am grateful. I give thanks coated in faith. Like raisins made chocolaty. I have found gratitude to be one of the biggest influences and ways to speed up my manifesting process.

So how do you use gratitude to gain your increase? It is quite simple really. You see? You have so many options.

Try This Family!

Let’s start with scripting. It’s fairly easy. You can write down your wants and needs. Read them all aloud. Then go back through reading each one giving thanks as if you have it. Knowing without a doubt that you have it.

Next, you could try gratitude and prosperity affirmations. Feel free to make your own and/or find them on line. I have on my channel, KARDAYAH’S Soul, a great playlist. It’s called, “21 Day Abundance Affirmations”. Feel free to try it out.

Affirmations are amazing because your words vibrate the change into the atmosphere. Rippling back to you; the desires of your life. Repeating creates a meditation on the ideas. Therefore reprogramming your subconscious to attract what is being deeply seeded into it. It’s like magnetism via chewing the cud. Meditation=Great Success.

Remember, Joshua 1:8 [8]This book of the Towrah shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt MEDITATE therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way PROSPEROUS, and then thou shalt have GOOD SUCCESS.

Lastly, I do suggest to you being overly grateful. You can also incorporate mirror work into this method. You should start by giving YAH thanks; as soon as your eyes open! Tell HIM todah because you know your manifestation is here.

Go through your day for seven days being unnecessarily grateful. Which is not a real thing. But do it anyway. Tell YAH todah for every compliment that you receive. Say Todah rabah for all of the beautifully designed colorful leaves that line our paths daily.

Say todah for your baby girl scraping her knee in the process. Who now knows how to ride her bike with no hands. Tell YAH todah for her achievement and next steps of life.

Placing gratitude as your subject pulls the manifestation to you much quicker. Do what you can to become todahs and gratitude personified. Praise and Todahs are top priorities of Abba’s saints. Own it Y’isra’el.

All in all, I encourage you to be encouraged. Open your mouth and speak your gratitude. Be definite in your words. Be descriptive and know what you want. Be sure that you want it. Vibrate your harvest into existence. Create with Confidence in ABBA YAH.

It works you will see. Try these three methods. Implement them into your everyday routine for 21 days. This will create habit.

Todah for joining me for this Taste of Grace. I love you. Peace, blessings, and shalowm Family! Happy Manifesting.💚💛

Use it.

There are so many things left bothering you. You can barely stand to hear a sound. Dreams conjured at night disturb the rest of you.

All day long you are angry, agitated, fighting sadness. You claim sickness as a way out. You want to lie down. For the rest of you.

I know a power above all powers YAH(Psalm 68:4) the MOST HIGH POWER.

Our power will show the chosen paths of you. He’ll center you, heal you. Give you your own powers. The same way that I was given mine.

He’ll put you in line. Send you your husband. Give your wife a brighter new smile. He’ll give peace and he’ll discover you. Give you dreams so you can chase them down. For the rest of you.

He is not like man. He understands. Plus, he supplies our every need. Power. YAH power. THE MOST HIGH ELOHYM.

Come let me introduce you to HIM. Let me show you how I was changed from drunk, busted, pitiful, and misunderstood, sleeping around and disgusted in my life and ways. I stabstand clean and anew. Take back your integrity and your Shälam.

For the rest of you.

Do you trust me? Do you trust who I am? A lot of people say they love me. But don’t love who I am.

If you really do trust me. Trust my YAH. Reach out to grab HIS hand. Let he who has an ear hear; what the Ru’aah Haqodesh is saying to the assembly(qodeshym).

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

Come, sit, listen. Let us reason.

The name of the HWHY(YHWH) is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

Come Share A Taste of Grace; for the rest of you.

© KARDAYAH’S Soul 2020

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PICTURE: A man standing with his hands up. Looking at something great.

Abstract: lo, behold, the, look, breath, sigh, reveal, and revelation from the idea of revealing a great sight by pointing it out. It tells how important something is.

Shalowm Family! Honestly, I’m sure I should have started this task a long time ago. So out of obidience to Abba. I invite you to embark with me on this road of life-long lucid rains. Some more pleasant than others.

Things revealed. Things now achieved. Set before me concrete proof of my showings on past rainy days. Once drenched in confusion and chaos; no choice in my dreams of dreams. I’m now being draped in astral discernment.

I receive the tasks that sleepers refuse. I accept in victory. For HE has chosen me. All of these things stand true to what the Ru’aah has shown me. I let go and let YAH.

Peace and blessings Family. Please, enjoy. Feel free to explore the complete blog to find your perfect taste of grace.

I pray this brings you unlimited joy too.

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To support my ministry once.

To support my ministry monthly.

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You are helping to fund my music career, teaching, and wellness line. Your contribution is appreciated.

You are helping to fund my music career, teaching, and wellness line. Your contribution is appreciated.

You are helping to fund my music career, teaching, and wellness line. Your contribution is appreciated.

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Coconut oil filled palms rubbing across your intriguing face. Down my nose. Up my forehead. Up your right then left cheek bones. Two hands on a healing mission. Smooth my neck up to your chin. Then again.

Shâlôwm, Kardayah. I’m pleased to meet you. I love you. You’re a millionaire. Abba YAH loves you.

Coconut oil dipped hands graze your thick, ruddy, sin wage scarred arm. Then the other all the same. We’ve come a long way Sweetie. Oh, the enseighnements(oonsainyemoon) we are baruch to have withstood. But now I’m good.

I apologize for my bad choices. I apologize for hurting you. Todah YAH for making me beautifully. Kardayah, you will win. No matter what YAH has your back.

Eyes of power stare back at me. Nutella has nothing on you. I never thought that such innocence would exist in my secret space. Yet, you’re here and I remember you.

Humbly holding my attention. I can more fearlessly see you now. While I’m sober. While you deliberately stand forth. Wearing a haunting gaze that at times makes me smile. I behold the embrace of my reality. There is only you. Inside Abba’s ru’aah is sustaining we.

You are a successful business woman. You deserve prosperity. You are the image of HE who IS. You have the right to have it all. You are a child of Elohim. You will never be alone again. Because I see you. I feel your presence. You are my me. I love you.

Coconut oil coated hands caress your comely face. Down my speckled nose; smoothing up and out my two toned brow. Lovingly they sweep outward and upward; somewhat mesmerized. Finding their way to freckle specked cheeks; from bonny, deep brown lips of the sweetest kind.

I have shâlôwm, peace, and tranquility in my home. You are an example of quodesh. I forgive everyone who has ever tresspassed against me. I ask that I am forgiven by those whom I have hurt. I release and receive release. YAH is pleased with you.

© 2019 KARDAYAH’S Soul

Simply put, you are beautiful. How could a girl ask for more? RED, Dirty Red. A title from long ago.

I call you Yellow.

Yellow, the only color that brings exceeding Joy to this homely soul of mine. I still love you. You are my first love. For you I live; new life.

In your honor, I will say the words that are needed to heal all wounds. Materializing in women and girls from lashes undeserved. The ones who are afraid to utter what is true.

I will speak out for you.

In the dark rooms. I will shine my ru’aah’s light. I will be free. I will be Me.


How could I not shine? Abba made you my ‘Êm(Aim). My Mama. My voice of understanding. Cut from a cloth produced no more. He designated you for greatness and Greatness you are.


In a league of your own. You stand boldly. A mastermind you are to me. You are the breaker of codes. You are the sower of my passion for puzzles planted in mental trenches so deep.

Through you, I have ingested the most complex solutions one could seek to find. You showed me how to love the motion that words display. You taught me to look and quickly find.

I have gladly learned to interpret the languages that numbers often speak. You have encouraged your pretty little girl. You made me feel free. You’ve encouraged my courage. To be Me.

You have given me a gift of mystifying proportions. Not much goes unknown by me. I can see. A gift shared by we three. My soul is deeply engulfed in deviation.

It vibrates Yellow to me.

Todah, for hauling so much torment. While looking so fine. For having all my babies and exuding pure grind. With ease.

You shine Yellow.

Even when they spat on your name. To call you, “Mother”. I was eagerly pleased. Your voice is heard when I speak. Your encouragement urged me to be free. Even though they envy me.

Because they see Yellow.

Todah rabah, for teaching me to always sing. To always lift Abba YAH on high. To never step out on the word. To always follow Yahawasha’. To Shema to the Ruach Ha Quodesh. And TO BE FREE. TO BE ME.


So now I sing. I teach. I lead. I seek. I pray. I conquer. I am strong. Ms. Smith made me this way. They knew it all along.

We were Yellow.

Now I understand that I’m beautiful. Because of you I can see. I’m on a mission to save my people. I’m fighting to teach family. I was on a search for the truth you see?!

Yah said it would set me free. So HIS will I started to seek. Without you I would have never had the proficiency. To even walk this effective journey. I thank Abba Yah for you Sweet Lady. For your role in my story. I’ll tell.

From the front yard cinema barbeques to sheer feelings royal. Spotlight casting birthday parties in beautifully elegant gowns. To the most informative sleep overs. With so much more than just laughs.

We listened. We were warned. We learned about life. We were shamelessly informed. We had fun. And you gave us that.

We were free. To be young ladies. We learned innocently. You have guided us toward higher roads. You did not allow the world to swallow us remorselessly. You have raised lovely ladies.

We shine Yellow inherently.

Before, I saw you. I saw your crying shame. I made due with vengeance and nightmares. Accompanied by worrisome days. Inside of my tiny heart. I sowed seeds of confused rage. For the times that they had ravaged you; My Priceless Work Of Art. The curses they wear run past pain.

Black bruised you Yellow.

I loved you. I saw her change. I saw Yellow hide in Red. A magnetic being crouched behind that bruised ru’aah and a swollen smile. Todah YAH for your brighter days! I’m amazed at your inner lights power.

Yellow you shine indefinitely.

You have spared me the vexation; of offering me to the streets. Your naive simple child. Oh so green. Missing so much. Yet, filled with so much grace. In a world not built on love.

See Yellow? Love edifys me.

You have rewarded me. With the prescription that I would need. To see Yahawasha’. He is Truth and He will set Me free. You can definately trust me. This is not a lie.

I know one day soon, Abba’s will, you and all others will see. How Kardayah was blessed by ABBA YAH to have Yellow, imbibed in her being.

How she so vibrantly nurtured Kardayah’s little soul. Teaching Kardayah to be free. How her passion for black sparked life for Kardayah. Oh, just wait and you’ll see.

Your little song bird with country bare feet. Will stomp out devilish defeat. Enemies lie humbled at my foot stool. At my table they’ll want to be. I know your dream. And I got you. You can trust me. It is all going to be free.

Free. Yellow.

Your payment; provided by our ABBA. For faithfully anointing me. Therefore allowing me to stay free. You stayed proud of your baby. You are a supporting factor. Not just the dreamer of dreams.

You poured more yellow into me.

Yellow, I love you. With dainty flurries of warm feelings. They congregate in my chest happily. I think they love you too.

Yellow, I’ve wished lots of things for you. I have weeped wanting so much for you.

Freedom to pursue.

I pray that one day you will too be healed. To facilely live. To yet learn. How to be free. For YAH’S glory.

Free Yellow.

My uncle once said to me, “Yeah, you passed Math. But you failed at life.” I was 29 years old. My father lay in his hospital bed listening; with not a word to say. But YAH.

Today I stand before you a very successful woman of YAH. I am now a Country Soul artist, author, wife, spiritual life coach, and3 mother. How was this possible? You may ask.

I cried out to YAH. I CRIED with a meek ru’aah, a broken and a contrite, crumbling heart. So HE started to mold me. He picked me up and taught me how to walk all over again. Correctly this time. He taught me how to stand and directed me back to what my heart and soul have always yearned for. HIM, the word, the truth, winning, learning, loving, helping, healing. He has introduced to me a very new and familiar vibrational pull.

I now vibrate on a progressive frequency of feeling good, looking good, being good. Seeking ye the kingdom of YAH and therefore attracting the rewards that HE has for me. HE has made life available to me again. He has made me deserving.

I am young. I am successful and my name and music are being heard. Yah’s way. My writings are being read. People are listening to my YouTube and podcasts. I now receive money from everywhere on a daily basis. And I am thankful for it.

Todah rabah Abba YAH for my abundance. Todah for my success. Todah for my limitless supply. Todah for establishing devine order in my life.

Now, for all who look to be freed. I’ll share with you my story. I pray that your ru’aah takes heed. YAH showed me in March of 2019, a message of deliverance that I had been longing to receive. I was practicing mad crazy faith. About a week before my husband and I would face being dismissed onto the streets. I was suddenly not afraid. Why? Well, because I’d been realizing that HE(YAH) could not lie. He had my back no matter what I decide to do. He has my back.

Now, at the moment of this mind blowing spiritual maneuver. I was doing my yoga stretches. My husband and I had been serving in a spiritual battle earlier that day. Yet, I was determined to have a day of Shalowm.

There was a demon stirring up and disrupting things. Therefore, sending my mind and soul into total quodesh. I was seeking answers inside. I needed to see if my prior descisions and affirmations were wise. My faith was being tried.

So how did it happen? Well, YAH showed me the infinite 8’s. But not all together this time. I am used to seeing triple number combinations.

After taking a few heart settling, calming, deep breaths to soothe my agitated ru’aah. She wanted to run away. To poof us away, but I stayed.

I had lain down on the floor to relax. My ru’aah was fighting hard to keep balance inside of me. My lips pressed together. I drifted further into thought. I was questioning YAH. HE began to answer me.

My soul and train of thought were on improvement. YAH had jump started my dream life. My life was going to succeed because Yahawasha’ said, “Be not afraid. Only believe.”. That’s ABBA YAH. I had to listen!

I vaguely remember the first 8 appearing on the tv. It was odd, but it was there. I then looked down at the cable box and there was another 8. Mathematically this time. (As I write this another 8 has been made apparent.)

I thought. Are my angels trying to speak to me?

My spirit was so awake at this point that I was scrambling to grab my phone to find out. I needed to know what these 8’s were saying. I was shook.

I suddenly I felt a fear that had been left to simmer in a pan of gut wrenching excitement. This followed by overwhelming, joy, shock, and admiration. At this time Ru’aah had begun to urge me to pay attention. So I did.

As soon as I looked at my phone. It was there. Staring right back at me! The last 8. Just as beautiful as can be. It hit me so hard that I actually felt a thump in my upper left chest. It startled me a lotta bit!

I searched for the meaning of the 8’s and then I received my direction toward abundance, prosperity, many blessings, a life of ease, security, favor. Abundance. All for us. All promised. Signed and sealed by YAH.

I went through the fire to be reformed. I had been studying to show myself approved. I had a goal to reach. The Ru’aah ha Quodesh was leading me. I had begun to manifest and attract my abundance. HE had sealed it and the angels of Shamayim were screaming it at me. By this point, I was drowning in praise.

We went through homelessness and so much struggle or vibrational alterations after this. That’s another story for another day. But YAH never allowed us to be on the streets. Neither hungry. Neither unsafe.

We are receiving and being overtaken by an abundance of money, food, freedom, and prosperity. No responsibilities outside of His will and His way. He set us on the path to abundance.

So now I speak to all when I say. Rise, come and live with the giver of life. YAHAWAH wa Yahawasha’. You never are too old to start to be great and to surpass your your wildest dreams of success. Struggles don’t exist. But an unbalanced or depleting shift in positive vibration is what you feel.

If you can continue to live and think success all of the way. If your gratitude is sincere and consistent. Your struggle could be close to a vacation. YAH will literally carry you on the wings of eagles.

You will have to work hard. You will hurt. You will fall and/or maybe even get pushed down. But you can and will live. You will be brought through the fire, and become a mighty tool of war in the end. Being a vessel of Abba YAH’s use is more than enough for me. He keeps me on my path.

Remember, nothing happens to you. Everything happens for you. The universe is working for you because The Creator, our Abba YAH wa Yahawahsha’ resides inside of you. It is HE who commands ALL. He infinitely sustains us all with the creation and execution of HIS will.

Take this testimony and learn to think. Therefore imagining, and creating your future. Read the word. Follow Him. Seek Him diligently to be ye transformed by the RENEWING OF YOUR MIND. Create your own success. You’ve been practicing all of this time. So why not?

Struggle can not be acknowledged. Don’t even speak his name. Just Call on Abba. Alert HIM of how you since a shift in vibrations. Sit and talk to him. Describe it all in detail. Ask for understanding and discernment on how to survive.

Tell HIM what you want. Ask if it is in HIS will. Then fight forward to be your best possible version of yourself. Because you should never be a failure to you. Create with the Creator residing inside of you.

Todah for coming to share this Taste of Grace with me. I’m truly honored to be able to share my testamonies of manifesting, healing, and extreme succeess with you. Todah Yah. Shalowm Family!❤💚💛💙💜

If it wasn’t for Abba YAH ba hashem Yahawasha’. I’d be an alcoholic working for the weekends. Striving to build a stash of Earthly riches. I’d be searching for validation from the world. Wearing clothing so short and so tight that they look painted on me. Saving up to get the latest car or some other nonsense. Trying to buy the next best weave. Delusional.

I’d be mending on fake eye lashes because Babylon said it’s ok for me. Them stinging and sticking out from my face like carwash brushes in the wind. Blocking my vision like wide spread bat wings. I’d be free as an endangered bird; locked in a cage with his very own tree. Believing my captors’ will is better than YAH’S. Saying, “Within my captors’ world I have freedom to do me”. Delusional.

Fortunately, I had fervent dreams that YAH predestined to lead. This is HIS grace for me. So he plastered them to my ru’aah. They have transformed into my living being. I know now that only I. Only through great faith and diligence can achieve. No delusion. Yah’s shalowm gives me peace.

Up against a wall; connecting the scattered pieces. Eye see. Vivid dreams are continuously revealing. Slowly authenticating me. I have hearkened. I’ve come out of Her. I have recieved new birth. Yet I have revisited not infancy. I refuse to live delusionally.

Most refuse or are afraid to support me. They’re lying hearts don’t think that what I do is real. They don’t believe that the Ruach guides me. Yet, I’m determined to manifest only HIS will. Please know that YAH’S word will not return unto Him void. And soon enough we will all see. I won’t stop to check the latest trends. I will not let my Abba down. I am yet trusting. I am manifesting. My orb exudes light from deep within that provokes movement and sound.

The time has come when judgement is raining it started first on us Israel. Now fiercely it wallops upon the Heathens’ heads. Who have laid open the book of the law(Torah). You would be wise to hear Abba now. Choose Yahawasha’ bind yourself too. Closely follow Him. Don’t be delusional.

Meticulously seek YAH’s face and follow Towrah; until all is fulfilled. Come out of Her my people. For if not living within the confounds of Abba’s Grace your pentacle will not be reached. I just hope that you aren’t shocked or hurt when he completes HIS work in me. Sincerely, Kardayah.

Outside of her delusion.

© KARDAYAH’S Soul 20

Up until today, I have been trying to figure out why The Most High put this phrase into my spirit. Now that I have been shown. I am extremely glad that HE did.

Maybe there was an immense struggle for understanding; because I did not have a clue of the fact that I was lost. In so many ways, this fact has proven to be true.

I was wrong, out of line, pissed off, dilapidated and doing my own thing. YAH was always present though. I was kicking and screaming trying to hold on to what I thought was me being free. I didn’t want the rules to tie me down. I had just started to live. Graduating was life changing for me. I could do my own thing; be it as it may good or bad.

I was grown Period.

Yah knows that I have made so many mistakes. Still though, I was always a sweet girl, caring, and loved to help. Don’t get me wrong though, if I felt like it, I would be quick to jump on you. (This is what landed me in a bed at Evans Memorial Hospital with 32 staples stretching the length of my left tricep. Along with about 30 not so sexy stitches from the right side of my nose to the middle of my right ear.) Strangely enough I didn’t do anything to provoke this fight. Except, embarrass someone verbally. Being the one not beat was cool. Until, I took a box cutter as my reward.

It was YAH’s grace that saved my eye, ear, veins, and arm. I was foolishishly sinful, and YAH slowed me to a screeching halt. Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen, Super Slugger award, and softball scholarship; I left it all behind.

My face, my award winning catching and batting arm; split open. Much like those slow ripping lashes adorned with Massa’s hatred. But for what? She scarred my Me for 10 whole years. All that I thought I was. I could find no more.

Nostalgic memories remind me that I have always loved deeper than the average person. I always asked what was. From as far back as I can remember, maybe about the age of one or two. I have loved and understood much about love. Along with the things it can do. I just wish that my childish patience would’ve been in tuned with the Ru’aah.

So I watched and did my best to absorb facts and truth. This behavior profoundly fastened me to things. Teaching me that to know, is to love; is much more than true.

With growing up came heartache, degradation, scandel, rape, neglect, assault, and even a few acts of whoredom. Which ended up embedded deeply some place inside of me. I had no clue. There is where my lawlessness was known and grew.

I was lost. I was wrong. I needed someone to find me. Eye needed to find me.

Strangly, Facebook 2014 invoked an interesting overture in my life. Initially, there was a friend request. Being freshly uninvolved; but single none the less. I responded. Therefore, unearthing the proem of the most superlative dialogue that I had ever had with a man.

I met my now husband, and He introduced to me what is,”Truth”. This Truth led me to where I had come from. It led me to the Scriptures. Presenting the Hebrew origins of me. We became best friends.

Whenever my phone was ringing it was Him. Just because. Thankfully distance forced us to be friends. YAH set boundaries for us. HalleluYah! Todah YAH!

Little did I know that we were on the same journey. ABBA had sent Him to find me. My Adon.

Me knowing this now. My mind is instantly transported to a few years ago; back home. My last time sitting on the porch of the only best friend that I had ever had. Sharing with my brother from the bottle of E&J in hand; blunt in rotation.

At one point, I couldn’t help questioning, for what may have been the 5th time; if my current relationship was for me.

I prayed, “GOD(YAH), “Is this relationship for me?”.

YAH knew that I yearned to marry a man who would first be my best friend. (The idea arose from the movie “No Strings Attached”.) Someone made only for me ordained by HIM.

YAH’s answer was SO clear and quick; might I add. Yet, I reluctantly lingered a while longer. I think that it was because I was tired of attempting to be freed. This insane pattern of disobedient cognitive dissonance; was almost the end of me. Therefore, the whole of 2015 held lots of degrading drunken heartache for me.

I had hit rock bottom, and my real best friend was no longer associating with me. (I got back with my ex. So He cut ties with me. To not hinder mine and my ex’s already dead series of interactions.)

I found myself living in a motel room in my hometown. Drinking my life away. I started school again. Had to quit. My love life was in shambles and it had become excruciatingly toxic for me. Not that I was a drunk, but I was well on my way there.

I remember sitting on the bed praying at my lowest. A bottle of cheap gin, impregnated with marinated blue jolly ranchers gripped tight.

“Lord(Master) Jesus(Yahawasha’), why am I here? Who am I?”, I wept.

“There has to be something better for me.”, I spoke in complete despair.

I don’t want to do this anymooore.”, I cried kicking my feet; slapping the bed. I sat slumped sulking and bawling into my hands.

I cried y’all and no one was there but YAHAWAH WA YAHAWASHA’ and THE RUACH HAQODESH.

“You just take over.”, I spoke allowed.

I could no longer bridle my tears that had manifested from an over-growth of nothingness.

I spoke to YAH, “My hands are off of my life. I am tired of going through these things. Please help me. Please just take it all away. I’m sooooo sorry. I will do better. I just want to be right.”

Finally my heart was emptied. My voice was heard. I went through the biggest change of my life in that room that day. It was hard facing the fact that, I was the once resigning champ. Shamed and brought low in my city on the forefront forall to hear and see. I was also, seemingly stuck here with this man and he didn’t even want me.

Truthfully, I’d known this for two years at least. I just couldn’t help being always a slave to my past. A mistake that almost cost me my life.

I was ignorant to the fact that in that motel room; YAH had nudged me onto the path to being found. I didn’t realize that HE had already introduced my deliverance to me. In more ways than one.

YAH had someone whom I needed to get to know and someone whom I needed to formally meet.

Thanks for listening y’all. There’s more to come. I pray that you indulge, learn, and vibe with We.

KARDAYAH’S Soul© 2018

Enjoy even more Grace.

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It didn’t take long for me to figure out what I wanted to do; neither be when I grew up. I was always writing my name and counting things. If there was paper, pencils, crayons, or books. I had to be there.

I’d bring home piles of old books and workbooks from school as a child. The end of the year was YAH’s gift to nerds. So my parents just let me run wild. I played school. I taught. I learned. I was shown. Now I see.

I loved to write because I could say whatever I wanted to on the paper. I could persuade the flock to truly understand. Not to get my way at all times, but to simply give understanding. Writing invitingly made it easier to fulfill this gut wrenching urge that I had, “to tell you something”.

At times of importance, people didn’t really stop to listen to me as I grew up. I always got: talk with some sense girl, stop lying, don’t mind her she’s slow, my words and thoughts were shunned by both young and old. Todah to those who took the time to listen to the genius inside. HalleluYAH!

I was told to use some “common sense”. I was embarrassed, a lot. So I went along with “common sense”, which as I have grown has become an exact replica of, “most popular choice/spoken sense”. Being that in a heaping amount of my experiences; the common sense approach or answer was not only the wrong answer. But it also was not the only answer; nor the first. I have realized that the impatient person, whom I was addressing, just had a deafening ignorance forcing them to over look me.

The second thing that I noticed was that I am attracted to numbers like bees to honey. They comfort me. I remember, I’d get mad or be very upset so I would write the alphabet, linked to numbers, up to as far as i could bare. Kinda like abcdef………1234567891011……..999. Then I’d go through and pair them together by triples.

My mama taught it to me. She has her own version of this game; from which I modeled my activity. She would go through the magazines and other books crossing out letters. Spelling things. Creating. So I started to do the same. Red, Mrs. Jackson, a silent mastermind; YAH’s gift to me. Yellow. How grateful I am. HallelluYAH!

The last and most intriguingly terrifying thing that I discovered very early on; is that I could sing. I loved to sing. I would almost explode if I didn’t sing. And EVERYONE who ever truly had a good listen; loved to hear.

When I sing, Kardayah becomes the whole of me. My Being comes alive inside of me. Todah YAH for Your Glory. HalleluYah! Yet, I’d never been so afraid to show the full potential of a gift given to me by YAH. See, this one though, has the power to persuade a nation. As long as I allow YAH to guide me. So HE is and so here we are.

Anyhow, these became my favorite pass times. Everyone said write and I, not recognizing the voice of Yahawasha’; decided not to do so. By the way procrastination will kill your very being. If you don’t ask YAH to help you get it under control and consciously work to stop following the same patterns.

Trust me. Your life starts to feel like it’s ending before it begins. I had so much fear and doubt. Anxiety attacks had even started to paralyze me entire body from head to toes.

I almost passed up on my future. I almost quit. I was, “chasing a dream that I hadn’t dreamed yet”. (Thanks Mali Music, for that amazing expression.) Weirdly, I had not moved my feet to catch up with my speeding scattered mind.


So now that I’m putting it all together, ABBA has spoken; is speaking louder and clearer than ever. HIS truth has lead me here. I’m no longer wondering why I’m so different. Why I obtain so much information in such a small time frame. Or what the number thing is all about.

YAH’s answers were plain; they still yet remain the same. He gave me a mission that HE had submitted into my Papa’s DNA from the time that HE first thought of me. YAH revealed this to me. While all along, my angels started to speak to me so loudly; that it seemed they were throwing triple numbers into my face. I started to eagerly learn to pay attention. Now I have my own business. Once YAH opened this door for me. I knew what my next step needed to be.

I’m no longer under mental strain; worrying about how I’m gonna start my blog. I’m much better at starting conversations. Meaningful expressions are my preference. The ABBA is not a fan of profane and/or vain babblings. (2 Tim. 2:16) So we’ll avoid these things to the best of my ability.

Also, I’m no longer pondering over whether or not my topic is good enough. YAH speaks to me, and I try to speak to you. I just sit down with pen and paper. Then allow the Ruach to sort it out from there. Then I type it up; the way that it is revealed to me.

While HE was teaching me to follow my life path. I have been taught how to create and manifest what’s best for me. YAH has revealed to me my True Being. I am now a Country Soul artist, spiritual life coach, business owner, mother, wife, and an author.

Every last one of my dreams have come true. Yet, this is only the beginning. I have manifested a successful career. Thanks to YAH. I’ve been taught and achieved the manifestation of two dream homes so far. My books and music touch souls everyday. I’m manifesting a magically exhilarating; fulfillingly strenuous and blissfully rewarding life.

Todah family, for coming to sit, read, laugh, or just have a listen. I welcome you all to KARDAYAH’s Soul.

There are no such things as mistakes. Everything happens for you; not to you. (Romans 8:28) You have a purpose for being here. For now enjoy your taste of Grace. Shalom family!

Enjoy Even More Grace.

Feel free to buy me a cup of tea. Todah for all of the already donated blessings.💚 CASHTAG: $KARDAYAH3205

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