In the word, Abba stated that while he is judging and destroying things around us. He wants us in the house. With the door closed… I’m on board.

Believe it or not.

Most of us Americans are still spending a lot or all of our time at home. The media is saying that the president has tested positive for Rona now, too!

So, my question is what about that dream?

We have things that we have wanted to do and/or learn like: words, languages, dances, remedies, arts, how to achieve perfect shälam and balance. But many people with all of our new found free time. Are spending it sitting and waiting on the edges of their seats for what?

They are giving irreplaceable moments to nothing and everyone of no importance to their soul’s mission.

Well, my question for you is. Have you ever wanted to learn biblical Ibri(Hebrew)? Have you ever wanted to learn it from an actual Yisraelite?

Open up your tool box and pull out something that will sharpen your body’s dull; but most powerful tool of all.

-KARDAYAH’S Soul 2020

Well, I can help you out with that. But before I give you the information. I ask that you consider the fuction of the brain. It’s power is unspeakable. Only to be written, interpreted, and heard aloud by the most intimate of creators. The Creator YAH wa Yahawasha Hamashiach. Elohym of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’acob.

Todah YAH for that. Todah for knowledge and information. This leading me to my conclusion.

This tool that we carry around above our shoulders; is a MAJOR TOOL, WEAPON, AND SOURCE OF YAH’S POWER. At times it’s scary; the things that we can do with it. I encourage you to read, to listen to teachings, classical and tribal music galor. Open up your tool box and pull out something that will sharpen your body’s dull but most powerful tool of all.

Nothing happens for no reason. There is no such thing as chance nor happenstance. You have read all of this for a reason. Click the link to find out why.

Shâlôwm Family, todah rabah for your time. Shälam and berakah to you all.

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So, I’m up all night working on and building my life. This week is a deep reflection type high. The Day of Atonement slowly approaches; so truth is busting open my secret places. Eagerly, I’m looking forward to soaking in my New Ru’aah vibes. Full Body Scrub and Energy Clearing Spray help me to create this deeper connection to truth. To me. In the moment. Looking forward to the morning.
New Ru’aah Vibes. Let us ride.

©2020 KARDAYAH’S Soul

Don’t let go. Don’t give up. Be grateful for all of the Berakah(Blessing) in your life. Now let’s work together to attract more.
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