And never again will I fight for you. I won’t be the one who’s concerned. I won’t tell you how just thinking about the fullness of your lips I simply come undone. I won’t feel the rhythmic vibrations when you speak. I won’t feel the rush every time you touch me.

You won’t know how I would pepper your nose with kisses so sweet. Just because it’s a part of you! Then I’d kiss all of your faces as they present a deeper, truer you. I won’t shiver at the thought of your spellbinding eyes scanning my body from head to toe.

I won’t continue to give you honesty! I can’t tell you what is real. I can’t let you know that I want your friendship. Despite the ending score. That once you take me in your hands my curse would be undone.

I won’t tell you that you’d be a happy man. If I were listed as your plus one. I’m done showing you that the trust is there and knowledge is what I seek. I just wanna see the man that I feel. Can you please bring him back to me?

Even good friends see each other sad. I want to be introduce to the darker sides of you. You don’t have to be mine. I’m just explaining. But know this one thing that I share with you. The friend zone is a lonely one.

Why play this game? What is for real? I’m trying my best to see.  Where do I stand? Am I too much? Is there too much that you feel I really need?

Do you look at me and see the game carefully analyzed? Then notice that I look at you and see what may just be a important pawn? Are you afraid of me? Yea I know that I’m your home girl and you know you’re my homie.

So don’t stain my thoughts with passion. Don’t you dare stare at me. Don’t ask to touch this body. Friends are you and me.

I simply won’t perform the chase. When you WANT me then you’ll come and get me. When you have the best intentions and won’t rink of LIAR. I’ll then let you know what you’ve already known. I’ll give you your desires. I’ll give you a reason to even try. I’ll give you love Sire. But I’m not gonna tell you that.

©2019 Coretta Brewton