While sleeping, I had a vision. I was standing at the sea shore and a massive wave was coming towards me. But it was like it was bringing me my husband. I remember reaching out to grab him. It basically placed Him inside of my arms. I powerfully pulled him out of this huge wave. I remember looking at him pulling and urging him to come on.

“Get out of the water we have to go now!”, I urged him. Even more, my husband dosen’t swim. At all. So this was strange.

So we started to run towards the parking lot. There were a few other people there like my mom and I think two of my sisters. I remember feeling their inquisitive energies.

I hurriedly started to gather everyone. Some of us in 2 cars. It’s like my ru’aah was pointing to this bike. Someone had left it. The wave was holding back; seemingly watching for us to leave. Someone had to ride the bike. I remember that I had to save everyone or get everyone to safety.

So I said to them, “Get on this bike. We have to get out of here now.”

They were so afraid that they were just going to give up. But I couldnt leave them.

So I grabbed the bike and said, “Ride this! Just get away! Follow us!”

I had also previously been stunned by the size of the monsterously huge tidal wave. It was seemingly being pulled or drawn backwards from the shore. It felt like it was looking back at me. It’s almost like it was giving us time to get away. So we ran.

We went up the hill into the parking lot. Out of there. To the left around a huge curve and onto a main road. I remember the road looked normal in all of its ways.

We were riding fast. Some other things happened then I noticed that we were high up in the sky. We couldn’t go any further. Everyone was afraid to stop. But they didnt want to go down the steep; seemingly 30 ft drop of a road with no slope.

It was like we had been lifted up. Almost like, we had driven across a secret section of the street. That could magically be activated like a quiet, placid elevator. We hadn’t even noticed the rise.

Everyone was puzzled at the site. So I decided that I needed to look. I got out of the car. Ocean on my left then. I begin to talk and observe the people with me and what was going on. I turned to look out to the right at the ocean. It looked to be 10 miles away.

I terrified and dumbfounded, still putting things together; grabbed my husband telling Him to, “LOOK!”

Everything was being destroyed. The weather was washing away everything in its path. It was horrible. I literally shook myself awake. Like I often do.

I remember yelling at my mom at the end UNTIL I LOST MY VOICE.

I was yelling as if to say, “DIDN’T I TRY TO TELL YOU.” You should have listened to me.” I don’t think it was in anger, but frustration. It felt good that my sisters got to see the truth. That I’m not what has been said about me.



PICTURE: A man standing with his hands up. Looking at something great.

Abstract: lo, behold, the, look, breath, sigh, reveal, and revelation from the idea of revealing a great sight by pointing it out. It tells how important something is.

Shalowm Family! Honestly, I’m sure I should have started this task a long time ago. So out of obidience to Abba. I invite you to embark with me on this road of life-long lucid rains. Some more pleasant than others.

Things revealed. Things now achieved. Set before me concrete proof of my showings on past rainy days. Once drenched in confusion and chaos; no choice in my dreams of dreams. I’m now being draped in astral discernment.

I receive the tasks that sleepers refuse. I accept in victory. For HE has chosen me. All of these things stand true to what the Ru’aah has shown me. I let go and let YAH.

Peace and blessings Family. Please, enjoy. Feel free to explore the complete blog to find your perfect taste of grace.

I pray this brings you unlimited joy too.

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You are helping to fund my music career, teaching, and wellness line. Your contribution is appreciated.

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