We're are at war! Ep. 9: GARRISON YOUR HEART; WE'RE AT WAR. KARDAYAH'S Soul's Motivational Shine

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  1. We're are at war! Ep. 9: GARRISON YOUR HEART; WE'RE AT WAR.
  2. How I Achieve Success Masterfully.
  3. 🌟Episode 7: Start healing here.✨
  4. Episode 6: Do you think you deserve to be healed?
  5. Episode 5: HEALING ME. 🌟רפא ✨

I went from broke, broken, drunken and living the life of a loose woman. Failure was all around me. I thought. Yahawashawa showed me a better way. YAH Power got me there. Come see how.

Episode 5: HEALING ME. 🌟רפא ✨ KARDAYAH'S Soul's Motivational Shine


We all seek help healing. Life’s curves and shake ups can so easily leave you dirty and scarred.

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Shalowm family! Kardayah here,

Today we start on a path which I have been being led down; for about 12 years now. The place where we start today. Actually, happens to have originated on YouTube; about a year ago. But, I kept forgetting to record certain steps. Plus, recording with a phone is no easy task.

The Idea.

Now the prelude to this informational wealth that has fallen into my lap. Came illustrated in a series of what one may think of as, “Disappointments”. Huh…There’s nothing like a good old disappointment. Sexual disappointments; might I clarify? So much it made me want to scream. I could have walked away. Which is better than what I have in the past choosen to do. Which was to cheat. By the fault of my own sins. I had stepped into a pitiful cycle.

If it wasn’t too quick, it was too soft, or not a good time(mentally), or too dry, or someone was not feeling well. Maybe there was an interest issue, someone was too lazy, or not turned on(enough). Other times the other person just could not catch my drift. This then led to other discomforts, lies, disagreements, arguments, pills, embarrassments, excuses, tricks, misunderstandings, laughs, tearful nights, explanations, and mental fights. I couldn’t understand why so many things would go wrong in such a natural act.

This is where my search for Love launched me on an educational quest for extraordinary sex. It’s what had attracted me to sex anyway. The second reason why I’ve spent my whole life longing for love and marriage.

The Reason

Why not end the relationship? Why not buy some lube and let him have his way? Pop in some porn, maybe?…Ok, firstly, (I love the word firstly.) I’ve had my own battles to fight with porn. I’m still figting it. Secondly, when you love someone you fight to help them become the best version of themselves. Allowing you to exude, grow, and maintain your best you. Therefore, making You(Y’all) the best version of You(Y’all). Echad, one, in agreeance, one flesh, spiritually intertwined. Creating a solid, ordained Y’all.

We are naturally supposed to stand echad with ABBA YAH. Therefore, being awarded with echad and shâlôwm in matrimony. Our soul’s knowing this YAH given law. Yearn for this concept in perfection. Even if sometimes in our own image of perfection, but with urgency all the same.

In any relationship, we as functional living beings yearn for understanding, fulfillment, peace, and cooperation. It helps relationships to healthily grow. So, leaves with you the reasons to ask why? Can you? Will you? Can we? Or to bring up the reasons behind why you’re questioning a certain aspect(s) of Y’all’s relationship.

I’ve learned that this is why people fight in relationships. In more ways than one. For example, your spouse is beating you and you ask them why; and/or to stop. If they do. He or she will spiritually, mentally, and physically benefit from their change in behavior. Therefore, making them a better version of themselves. Making you more open to giving and receiving love. Therefore, creating a more solid, attracted, understanding and trusting Y’all.

Now there is a right and a wrong way to do all things. A way to present them, to end them, to start them, and to request them. But the response from the recipient is out of your control. Your initial approach. Along with their initial response; are the deciding factors in Y’all’s relationship’s direction.

If things go right, you’ll get a step closer to Echad with your partner and Y’all too with YAH. On the other hand, wrong or misunderstood approaches, none listening ears, and crashed responses tend to push lovers further away. Sometimes ending in more quarrels.

So I made up my mind to fight for my relationships in as many ways as possible. That is until YAH or destiny said, “That’s enough.” I have always decided to fight. I’m a fighter. It’s what I do. Especially, for a good cause. Therefore, ripping up my union was clearly not the way to go. Neither was cheating. I had to find a way to my version of extraordinary sex.

The Hunt

My next step was to research. I’ve always been big on research. I have always loved to write long essays. Even when I complained. So I applied this skill to my love and sex lives.

I’ve found an abundance of information on how to cure things from control of premature ejaculation to making us both vibrate on a level so high. It damn near pulls us up off of our feet. Like we’re both stuck in a trance; chasing a pheromone covered bee. Him dumping scents of the heaviest of love. Creating a wildly aromatic pathway. To me. Or He. Whichever.

I put in effort. Knowledgable effort. Concerning whatever situation. And you’d be blown away by how things changed so quickly. My partner was even amazed and ecstatic. We both started to be satisfied, henceforth fulfilled. I had to take a better route and this was it.

My Mission

As you all know, my quest for Love(Ahab/ahabah) has taken me to many different places. So with my testimony in heart and a strong will to heal my people. I have put together a program. It’s called, “Hebrew Marriage; Extraordinary Sex.

Hebrew Marriage; Extraordinary Sex comes in a few different sections, but today as for now. I present to you, “Get Loose With Your Spouse.”, an abundance of recipes and pointers on how to wake and shake your love life back to your twenties. Or close to it.

You’ll learn how to naturally increase stamina, sex drive, and fertility in both parties. You’ll learn to feed your body to functionally (Wickedness- disfunction) perform. Find out how food helped to lead me to working on my heart, body, and soul enough to become healthy and fateful enough to maintain a healthy marriage. Keeping me from hating my partner or becoming bitter because I was unfulfilled. Even worse, him being bitter or frustrated with me not being satisfied.

Program Incentives

  • Healthier sexual habits.
  • Awakened sex drive for both parties.
  • Less mucus build up.
  • Increased fertility.
  • Balancing of hormones for both parties.
  • More energy and stamina for both parties.
  • Fight and possibly cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Learn to have mental intercourse first.
  • Free flowing foreplay techniques.
  • Weekly quick fix. No meds Approach Emails.
  • Product give aways.

And even more.

Where do I sign up?

Signup in the CONTACT ME TAB OF THE MENU ABOVE. Title your message, “GET LOOSE”. Most of this program is free. Looking forward to hearing from you.

For now enjoy the original recipe playlist. There is so much more to come. Don’t miss a post. Todah for coming to join me. Shâlôwm and Berâkâh to you all. Shalowm!💜❤

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While sleeping, I had a vision. I was standing at the sea shore and a massive wave was coming towards me. But it was like it was bringing me my husband. I remember reaching out to grab him. It basically placed Him inside of my arms. I powerfully pulled him out of this huge wave. I remember looking at him pulling and urging him to come on.

“Get out of the water we have to go now!”, I urged him. Even more, my husband dosen’t swim. At all. So this was strange.

So we started to run towards the parking lot. There were a few other people there like my mom and I think two of my sisters. I remember feeling their inquisitive energies.

I hurriedly started to gather everyone. Some of us in 2 cars. It’s like my ru’aah was pointing to this bike. Someone had left it. The wave was holding back; seemingly watching for us to leave. Someone had to ride the bike. I remember that I had to save everyone or get everyone to safety.

So I said to them, “Get on this bike. We have to get out of here now.”

They were so afraid that they were just going to give up. But I couldnt leave them.

So I grabbed the bike and said, “Ride this! Just get away! Follow us!”

I had also previously been stunned by the size of the monsterously huge tidal wave. It was seemingly being pulled or drawn backwards from the shore. It felt like it was looking back at me. It’s almost like it was giving us time to get away. So we ran.

We went up the hill into the parking lot. Out of there. To the left around a huge curve and onto a main road. I remember the road looked normal in all of its ways.

We were riding fast. Some other things happened then I noticed that we were high up in the sky. We couldn’t go any further. Everyone was afraid to stop. But they didnt want to go down the steep; seemingly 30 ft drop of a road with no slope.

It was like we had been lifted up. Almost like, we had driven across a secret section of the street. That could magically be activated like a quiet, placid elevator. We hadn’t even noticed the rise.

Everyone was puzzled at the site. So I decided that I needed to look. I got out of the car. Ocean on my left then. I begin to talk and observe the people with me and what was going on. I turned to look out to the right at the ocean. It looked to be 10 miles away.

I terrified and dumbfounded, still putting things together; grabbed my husband telling Him to, “LOOK!”

Everything was being destroyed. The weather was washing away everything in its path. It was horrible. I literally shook myself awake. Like I often do.

I remember yelling at my mom at the end UNTIL I LOST MY VOICE.

I was yelling as if to say, “DIDN’T I TRY TO TELL YOU.” You should have listened to me.” I don’t think it was in anger, but frustration. It felt good that my sisters got to see the truth. That I’m not what has been said about me.



Hands shaking; legs restless. And this is before your touch.

Mind racing; heart pounding. Boy it’s just too much.

Heavy breathing, light headed just from your touch. Time spent waiting anticipating; the moment that I would feel your touch.

Ru’aah exposed, to the One that she chose. Call Him forth. His force must embrace us.

Body whole, and my heart filled; with the tahing I needed so much. Questions answered and dreams made true. All because of your touch.

Just like I had dreamed and just for me. A little taste of your touch.

The story written, and the tale told. Inspired by your touch.


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Just look at our beautiful people. I wonder if they even know that we are the light of the world!

There’s this thing that I feel deep inside. It manifests so much power that it blows my mind. ABBA YAH has revealed my true being. So I’m standing on HIS word every noun and every verb.

Can you see this Ruach that lives within me? Clearing me, cleaning me, leads me it, me it leads. Can you feel this Ruach that dwells within me? Here’s my light. It’s alright. Come shine with me.

Back in this corner with pen and pad. So much to say? should I even ask? What can I write? What can I sing, to get close to you? All that I want. All that I had, they fill not. Now I’m sad. I need substance now. Don’t let me drown.

So I’m choosing to run to you. YAH, I’ve chosen to remember you. Look at me please. What can I do? ABBA you’ve frightened me with truth. Yahawashi is living proof. How can I run from that? 

Only your will will do. My life is to glorify you. Hear your maidservant please. ABBA don’t forget me. I’m ready to Shema. Please, let me Shema. I’m here to shema. Abba I’ll shema.


©2019 Coretta Brewton

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Yah always drills the word into my being by layered confirmations. It’s so normal now that I can almost step into that zone just by thinking about HIM. Time slows way down.

Abba YAH allowed me to see HIM on Friday, March 15, 2019. It was amazing and insightful, fast and lingering, full and touchable, head leaning to the left side, lucid dreamy, and quiet. It was a lot of so much truth.

I was at my Auntie Moodie’s house sitting on the sofa. My husband was explaining to me the extent to which we have pissed YAH off. He was painting a comedic masterpiece for me of how Abba literally has turned HIS back on us(Yisra’el). Therefore further expounding on the fact that YAH himself is not answering our prayers. 99% of our prayers are not answered by YAH, but by Yahawasha’, other people, angels, or worst of all Hasatan. Which also happened to be congruent with our Perfect Prayer Shabbat lesson; lead by Moreh YoshiYahu of the ARK California.

However, he spoke of how YAH said that He was not dealing with us facing us, but as a father with his back turned to his child. He puts us back on the track when HE needs to. When we get really close to hurting ourselves. He may reach in and personally lend a hand. Then he turns his back once again. YAH is very busy y’all.

He continued by saying, that maybe we need a spanking so HE turns to do so. Sets us back uprightly; then He turns away again. Yes, HE loves us; but we have to be punished. We are HIS chosen people. Chosen above ALL other nations to be a set apart people. But Family, we really f-ed up. So therefore, Yahawasha’ is our coordinator via the Ruach Hakodesh. He has been given the heavens and the Earth.

As my master is talking, so many things start to flow through my mind. I was listening with stars in my eyes. Slightly because the most beautiful man that I have ever beheld; stood in front of me with biblical truth spewing out of his mouth.

The sun light forcing his golden brown eyes to shine almost like fire. They held me. My master. A strong master, his words like paint brush strokes; feeding me understanding. It was absolutely spellbinding to say the least.

We were vibrating so brightly that it was hard to stay sober. Today we enjoyed open doors and the breeze blowing our weary hearts to placid states. Life was in full bloom outside and the sun was shining for real; for the second time in what seems like weeks.

We stood on a different plain. Receiving a much stronger frequency. I felt blessed and giddied all at once. When my master exclaimed how he felt some of the same things. My being began to give YAH the praise and thanks.

Concomitantly, YAH was beginning to speaking to me within a powerful vision which had completely stopped the time. Please, allow me to elucidate.

I saw space it was huge, it was clear. Like being back home in Daisy; looking at the big black sky. Oddly, in this vision I did not feel like I was floating in space. I did feel as though I wasn’t sitting as low as I currently had been. I saw YAH standing there HIS back turned to me. I had been previously picturing HIM turning to spank me and shaking HIS finger in my direction. So once the vision of HIM had fully taken over. I had noticed that He was nearly completely turned from me; but still in motion. It felt like HE silently laughed as HE turned HIS back. My brain was in frozen mode, happy, and in awe. Yelling wait. I was questioning if I was seeing this. Feeling fear. Wait. What? Wait.

Next, I was lowered a little or maybe it was more like being pulled backward, diagonally, downward. Yet, I had hardly felt myself even move. I saw our king Yahawashi. Only his dark hands though. They were huge stretched forward orchestrating things on our behalf. It is like he was creating something or deciding where things would go. Suddenly I was moved again, bringing my focus now to a great line of messengers standing guard at what I am assuming was a gate. In no was am I implying that I saw any actual fence of gate. But by gate I mean something more along the lines of an entry way of sorts. One not seen with non-qodesh eyes. They were alive I don’t remember their faces. But their form was strong and huge. I vaguely remember them being armored. They were standing with arms folded. Some came and went; maybe two or three. Their images spoke volumes to me.

By this time I was so stunned. I was desperately trying to get back to YAH. My mind just started to grab frantically. I was looking for Yahawashi, while He did lingered a while longer. I found myself staring at messengers trying to put all of the pieces together from this life changing event.

Once I had made it back to my body, I noticed my husband in mid sentence. I couldn’t wait to tell him what had just taken place. I was calculating how to hold on to as much of this visual that I possibly could. Trying not to interrupt his speech. I was almost afraid to explain for fear of him thinking that I was exaggerating or not being able to See. But he did understand therefore he was able to experience a little of this miracle with me.

By the way, every since I first read of YAH walking past Moses allowing him to see HIS back. I was fascinated and wondered what it would be like. I don’t know if we saw the same thing, but I know what was shown to me. I was not close enough to touch HIM he was too far and too big. But I was up there. No heavy body to weigh me down. His form in front of me. I am grateful for HIM choosing me. I am grateful for him revealing to me the secrets of heaven and of HE himself.

So what did I get from this vision? Oh, quite a few things to be exact.

After my husband had heard my vision. He quickly started to connect the same dots as I had been putting together in the preceding precious seconds. YAH had shown me his chain of command. Revealing unto my being that HIS messengers are just that. They will tell on you. They will help to execute judgements upon us on earth. If you ask them; they will help you. They are on a mission to do the work of our Elohim. They are apart of HIS staff. Let us call them supervisors, or managers. Hasatan in his deceiving ways included. Being that he can only do what YAH wills him to do. Be it as it may YAH’s permissive versus HIS divine will. I realize the record in Job stood true. They move quickly and precisely. Protecting, fighting, showing, moving, placing, whispering, writing, shining, speaking, pointing, nudging us into the direction of YHWH’s will for us.

It was then sealed into my being that; no one, not one can go to the Abba except by the Son. Our master and king; Yahawashi was there in the beginning. For Him everything was made and by Him all things were made. He is the word manifested on Earth. He walked, talked and oozed Towrah. He is the literal image of Abba YAH on the earth. When the disciples asked to be shown Abba YAH. Our king was like these fools do not understand what I have been telling them. If you want to see HE then look at Me. Can you see? You need me to get to HE.

How can one believe in the Father without the son? With out Him how do you suppose you’ll get any justice from His Father? If you only believe in the old. How do you expect to receive the blessings promised and sealed by the fulfillment of the new? YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN KEYS TO THE KINGDOM IF YOU CAN’T LEARN TO FOLLOW AND BELIEVE THE WORDS AND WORKS OF THE KING OF THE KINGDOM. So it is written and so I have been shown. So it shall be. HalleluYAH.

Lastly, I had realized that YAH has a chain of command just like all other chains of command. Not only are the messengers a huge part of this process, but so is the role of my dearly beloved. The word had already revealed to me that YAH is the head of all that could be considered as anything. I have learned that HIS son is the head of man. Leaving my master to be the head of my body and house. Making him a part of YAH’s chain of command for my life.

This stunning vision had clarified things for me in such a magnetic way. I saw my head standing there wearing all of the power bestowed upon him by YAH. I saw His being. I saw Him shine and I was pleased. I felt safety and calm knowing that this union was ordained by Abba YAH. He approved even if we still had a long way to go. Todah YAH for all that is of you, of your kingdom, and your way.

© 2019 Coretta Brewton