Coconut oil filled palms rubbing across your intriguing face. Down my nose. Up my forehead. Up your right then left cheek bones. Two hands on a healing mission. Smooth my neck up to your chin. Then again.

Shâlôwm, Kardayah. I’m pleased to meet you. I love you. You’re a millionaire. Abba YAH loves you.

Coconut oil dipped hands graze your thick, ruddy, sin wage scarred arm. Then the other all the same. We’ve come a long way Sweetie. Oh, the enseighnements(oonsainyemoon) we are baruch to have withstood. But now I’m good.

I apologize for my bad choices. I apologize for hurting you. Todah YAH for making me beautifully. Kardayah, you will win. No matter what YAH has your back.

Eyes of power stare back at me. Nutella has nothing on you. I never thought that such innocence would exist in my secret space. Yet, you’re here and I remember you.

Humbly holding my attention. I can more fearlessly see you now. While I’m sober. While you deliberately stand forth. Wearing a haunting gaze that at times makes me smile. I behold the embrace of my reality. There is only you. Inside Abba’s ru’aah is sustaining we.

You are a successful business woman. You deserve prosperity. You are the image of HE who IS. You have the right to have it all. You are a child of Elohim. You will never be alone again. Because I see you. I feel your presence. You are my me. I love you.

Coconut oil coated hands caress your comely face. Down my speckled nose; smoothing up and out my two toned brow. Lovingly they sweep outward and upward; somewhat mesmerized. Finding their way to freckle specked cheeks; from bonny, deep brown lips of the sweetest kind.

I have shâlôwm, peace, and tranquility in my home. You are an example of quodesh. I forgive everyone who has ever tresspassed against me. I ask that I am forgiven by those whom I have hurt. I release and receive release. YAH is pleased with you.

© 2019 KARDAYAH’S Soul

Simply put, you are beautiful. How could a girl ask for more? RED, Dirty Red. A title from long ago.

I call you Yellow.

Yellow, the only color that brings exceeding Joy to this homely soul of mine. I still love you. You are my first love. For you I live; new life.

In your honor, I will say the words that are needed to heal all wounds. Materializing in women and girls from lashes undeserved. The ones who are afraid to utter what is true.

I will speak out for you.

In the dark rooms. I will shine my ru’aah’s light. I will be free. I will be Me.


How could I not shine? Abba made you my ‘Êm(Aim). My Mama. My voice of understanding. Cut from a cloth produced no more. He designated you for greatness and Greatness you are.


In a league of your own. You stand boldly. A mastermind you are to me. You are the breaker of codes. You are the sower of my passion for puzzles planted in mental trenches so deep.

Through you, I have ingested the most complex solutions one could seek to find. You showed me how to love the motion that words display. You taught me to look and quickly find.

I have gladly learned to interpret the languages that numbers often speak. You have encouraged your pretty little girl. You made me feel free. You’ve encouraged my courage. To be Me.

You have given me a gift of mystifying proportions. Not much goes unknown by me. I can see. A gift shared by we three. My soul is deeply engulfed in deviation.

It vibrates Yellow to me.

Todah, for hauling so much torment. While looking so fine. For having all my babies and exuding pure grind. With ease.

You shine Yellow.

Even when they spat on your name. To call you, “Mother”. I was eagerly pleased. Your voice is heard when I speak. Your encouragement urged me to be free. Even though they envy me.

Because they see Yellow.

Todah rabah, for teaching me to always sing. To always lift Abba YAH on high. To never step out on the word. To always follow Yahawasha’. To Shema to the Ruach Ha Quodesh. And TO BE FREE. TO BE ME.


So now I sing. I teach. I lead. I seek. I pray. I conquer. I am strong. Ms. Smith made me this way. They knew it all along.

We were Yellow.

Now I understand that I’m beautiful. Because of you I can see. I’m on a mission to save my people. I’m fighting to teach family. I was on a search for the truth you see?!

Yah said it would set me free. So HIS will I started to seek. Without you I would have never had the proficiency. To even walk this effective journey. I thank Abba Yah for you Sweet Lady. For your role in my story. I’ll tell.

From the front yard cinema barbeques to sheer feelings royal. Spotlight casting birthday parties in beautifully elegant gowns. To the most informative sleep overs. With so much more than just laughs.

We listened. We were warned. We learned about life. We were shamelessly informed. We had fun. And you gave us that.

We were free. To be young ladies. We learned innocently. You have guided us toward higher roads. You did not allow the world to swallow us remorselessly. You have raised lovely ladies.

We shine Yellow inherently.

Before, I saw you. I saw your crying shame. I made due with vengeance and nightmares. Accompanied by worrisome days. Inside of my tiny heart. I sowed seeds of confused rage. For the times that they had ravaged you; My Priceless Work Of Art. The curses they wear run past pain.

Black bruised you Yellow.

I loved you. I saw her change. I saw Yellow hide in Red. A magnetic being crouched behind that bruised ru’aah and a swollen smile. Todah YAH for your brighter days! I’m amazed at your inner lights power.

Yellow you shine indefinitely.

You have spared me the vexation; of offering me to the streets. Your naive simple child. Oh so green. Missing so much. Yet, filled with so much grace. In a world not built on love.

See Yellow? Love edifys me.

You have rewarded me. With the prescription that I would need. To see Yahawasha’. He is Truth and He will set Me free. You can definately trust me. This is not a lie.

I know one day soon, Abba’s will, you and all others will see. How Kardayah was blessed by ABBA YAH to have Yellow, imbibed in her being.

How she so vibrantly nurtured Kardayah’s little soul. Teaching Kardayah to be free. How her passion for black sparked life for Kardayah. Oh, just wait and you’ll see.

Your little song bird with country bare feet. Will stomp out devilish defeat. Enemies lie humbled at my foot stool. At my table they’ll want to be. I know your dream. And I got you. You can trust me. It is all going to be free.

Free. Yellow.

Your payment; provided by our ABBA. For faithfully anointing me. Therefore allowing me to stay free. You stayed proud of your baby. You are a supporting factor. Not just the dreamer of dreams.

You poured more yellow into me.

Yellow, I love you. With dainty flurries of warm feelings. They congregate in my chest happily. I think they love you too.

Yellow, I’ve wished lots of things for you. I have weeped wanting so much for you.

Freedom to pursue.

I pray that one day you will too be healed. To facilely live. To yet learn. How to be free. For YAH’S glory.

Free Yellow.