If it wasn’t for Abba YAH ba hashem Yahawasha’. I’d be an alcoholic working for the weekends. Striving to build a stash of Earthly riches. I’d be searching for validation from the world. Wearing clothing so short and so tight that they look painted on me. Saving up to get the latest car or some other nonsense. Trying to buy the next best weave. Delusional.

I’d be mending on fake eye lashes because Babylon said it’s ok for me. Them stinging and sticking out from my face like carwash brushes in the wind. Blocking my vision like wide spread bat wings. I’d be free as an endangered bird; locked in a cage with his very own tree. Believing my captors’ will is better than YAH’S. Saying, “Within my captors’ world I have freedom to do me”. Delusional.

Fortunately, I had fervent dreams that YAH predestined to lead. This is HIS grace for me. So he plastered them to my ru’aah. They have transformed into my living being. I know now that only I. Only through great faith and diligence can achieve. No delusion. Yah’s shalowm gives me peace.

Up against a wall; connecting the scattered pieces. Eye see. Vivid dreams are continuously revealing. Slowly authenticating me. I have hearkened. I’ve come out of Her. I have recieved new birth. Yet I have revisited not infancy. I refuse to live delusionally.

Most refuse or are afraid to support me. They’re lying hearts don’t think that what I do is real. They don’t believe that the Ruach guides me. Yet, I’m determined to manifest only HIS will. Please know that YAH’S word will not return unto Him void. And soon enough we will all see. I won’t stop to check the latest trends. I will not let my Abba down. I am yet trusting. I am manifesting. My orb exudes light from deep within that provokes movement and sound.

The time has come when judgement is raining it started first on us Israel. Now fiercely it wallops upon the Heathens’ heads. Who have laid open the book of the law(Torah). You would be wise to hear Abba now. Choose Yahawasha’ bind yourself too. Closely follow Him. Don’t be delusional.

Meticulously seek YAH’s face and follow Towrah; until all is fulfilled. Come out of Her my people. For if not living within the confounds of Abba’s Grace your pentacle will not be reached. I just hope that you aren’t shocked or hurt when he completes HIS work in me. Sincerely, Kardayah.

Outside of her delusion.

© KARDAYAH’S Soul 20