About She

About She…

Shâlôwm Family, Kardayah here, Todah rabah for joining me. Todah for visiting my world. I’m Kardayah also known as CountrySoul artist KARDAYAH’SSoul. I humbly welcome you to meet my soul.

Firstly, I have come to give Abba YAH the glory for and with my gifts. Which has lead me to my soul mission and my “Why?”. As a singer/song writer, author, and spiritual wellness coach; I am baruch(bless) to dedicate my life to the service of you.


Every since around the age of 5. I’ve been performing on stages large and small. Preparing me for a life of singing and acting around the world. I’m a former pageant girl, softball all-star, scholar, homecoming and prom queen; who lost it all.

This became my prelude and a gateway to all things that I’ve dreamed.

I decided to become an author because my inner thoughts often speak in poetry form. My prayers to ABBA YAH are often broadcasted in the same. So, I write it down.

I Have spent most of my adult life working and networking for and with companies and services that work toward restoring health. Therefore, learning and developing my passion for wellness and Shälam. I am proudly one of YAH’s craaazy naturalist.

I feel that with out nature a huge piece of me would be missing. I relate most to water and trees; they make me feel whole and at Shälam. YAH has Graced me with these gifts. I give them back to HIM as I share them with you. So come on in lets share a Taste of Grace. Enjoy! Shälam💋 HalleluYah!💋❤

My Services:

Country Soul Artist

  • Singer/Song writer
  • Musical and voice services(Commercials, Jingles, Voiceovers)
  • Live event singing
  • Stageplays and musicals
  • Freelance and Promotional Writing
  • High vibrational reads. (My Writings: see my blog.)
  • YAH’SWay: Hairs to Toes wellness line
  • Spiritual wellness programs
  • Hebrew Marriage Extraordinary Sex
  • KARDAYAH’S Soul Motivational Shine podcast

All These Things Thrift Shop


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