I came to share this with you.

Shalowm Family, KARDAYAH’S Soul here.

I had always wanted to know the malak(angel). I wanted to know if they were real or only dealt with people from the “Bible days”. They kept reaching out to me through numbers. Ministering to my weeping heart. Sending signals to my puzzled brain. Trying to reveal to me what was real. What was before set for me.

I was afraid. I resisted. Until I was redeemed by Abba YAH wa Yahawasha. Who snatched me out of Hell’s fires. Gave me back my wits; allowing wisdom to pave my trail.

Now, I know the malak well. I was introduced to these life changing messengers. Now they consistently guide me. When I’m wrong they sometimes get on my tail.

YAH has graced me; even more with the guidance of these eternal friends. If you have been wondering the same things. If numbers and patterns follow you around.

You may be being called. Or maybe the malak have something to say. It is most definitely worth your while.

Come, let me introduce you to the malak (angel). I promise it will help you settle you feet on solid; fertile ground.

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