To Write The Perfect Night| Manifesting It

Arriving on a plane in Sierra Leone and driven to a villa with a magnificent view of Freetown.

Drinking red wine while the winds blow through the windows. White and yellow curtains wave my cares away.

Aggressive rain intentionally dancing outside of our huge open doors. Creates a DNA staining African beat. It’s unique. It’s for me. I’m stained.

YAH’s intentional. I love rain. So he graced we.

I have the first one rolled. Waiting on his thundering voice to call for me. Then we start dancing to the afro beats; playing continuously in our background.

We take a dip into the pool before we eat. Trays of fresh fruits and veggies served along side lamb’s ribs and freshly caught fishes.

No where to go for two days only HIM and me.

We competitively talk smack through back to back hands of tunk. Tonight I’m putting up a strong fight. He’s not just beating me. The trash talk is priceless and hilariously funny.

Thankfully we don’t have to wear many clothes in our villa. We’re up too high for the neighbours to see.

As we finish the night off right. Jigga Two blazing as we stargaze through our telescope. Eagerly learning more with every new celestial body that we meet.

We puff slowly and inhale deeply. Excited and pumped; we lay back imagining and describing what we don’t know to expect. Explaining rib cracking “what if’s”, concerning the elephants and lions that we’re planning to see.

The stars look so bright here and this may be the best ever mint tea. The nights air is speaking to me.

Windows now closed. We adjust our mosquito net for this dynamic first nights sleep. With a big smile, my husband pulls out the Apacrypha. He paints vivid understandings on the canvas of me. YAH gives me understanding.

I continue our festivities by reading from the Aquarian Gospel of Yahawasha’ Hamashiach. He finishes with waw; of Psalms 119.

This experience is almost too emensely overwhelming. Yet, we’re overly full of divine guidance. Our nephesh gorged on guidance and understanding. Somewhat bursting through our seams. We thank YAH.
Pillows fluffed and prayers said. Now, we settle in under the sheets. The weighted covers are really bringing life to me. My husband too.

I receive confirmation with his deep burrowing and his humbled sighs of relief.

“Tired”, he says; with a joyous chuckle. This is the happiest that we’ve been with life. Since we were teens.

We exchange, I love yous. Then our feet begin their sacred practice. We sink into adoration with each intimate twist. Accompanied by silky caresses of our lover’s feet.

It’s about that time. But, we’re too tired so we quickly fall asleep.

We’re both later gently awakened by the cool ru’aah of night. HIM first, then me.

We search love. We define it and usher it into our ceremony. We make it to the entrance of this portal of energy; wildly vibrating. Viciously feeding our time machine.

Kisses. I love you. Collapse. Todah YAH. We sleep.


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