These Eber Bangs.❤

🌟I’m going through these stages. Stepping onto stages. My word stained pages keep setting me up. -KARDAYAH’S Soul ✨

😒Now..I remember when I had to draw a thin precise line to make my bangs. 😰At times my hair barely reached my nose. What I shame? I didn’t even know that Yisra’elite women could even grow long hair. I felt if it had ever been relaxed there was no hope. I thought it was genetics, lucky girls, mixed girls, or white. 🎉But, look at YAH. 👈 😀🎊Todah rabah for your blessings ABBA. Now the bangs are taking over.😱 They’re in a league of their own. 😂😂 #loclove #COUNTRYSOUL #eventssingers #KARDAYAHSSOUL #YOUTUBE #LOOKMEUP #tasteofgrace #Amazingyoutubesinger #NEWARTISTSPOTLIGHT #MotivationalShine #Hebrewpodcast #EberPodcast #bookme

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