Youth Boosting Bombshell: I’ll just smoothie it out!

Shâlôwm Family, KARDAYAH HERE!

Todah rabah! Todah rabah! Todah rabah to you all for joining me! Todah YAH for this day. HalleluYah!

Procrastinating, let me start by saying, is the enemy all things YAH. This is the conclusion that I’ve come to.

[11]Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the King;

Romans 12:11 KVJ

A lot of scriptures run through my mind on a daily. I even listen to them as affirmations. Maybe I haven’t remembered as many as I should or could have by this time. But they are there none the less. And Romans 12:11, has been the one Abba has placed into my ru’aah via HIS Ru’aah and heavenly staff. I really mean it. This scripture will not leave my mind. For good reasons though.

If you know me. You know that I have the tendency to procrastinate a little bit. I’ve gotten much better. Believe it or not. I was never this way as a child or teen. It’s strange. Truthfully, I get tired of YAH whipping my butt. So now I’m pushing myself to getting it done. With that being said.

IT IS TIME TO GET LOOSE! I pray that you’ve seen the first post and introduction to my “Hebrew Marriage; Extraordinary Sex program. Check the playlist also.

So let’s get started. This may be the tastiest, thought provoking smoothie that I’ve ever had. The idea for this smoothie came one day while my husband and I were chumping on a few celery stalks. I started to think about how it would taste with bananas and pears.

My focus was on how to give my Ish and me a huge boost in the sex drive department. From a second miscarriage, to becoming homeless; depending only on ABBA YAH.

We needed some natural: YAH given; stimulation for our minds and bodies too. So after some much needed reconnecting with ABBA and each other. The time had come to focus on our youthful upkeep.

Our honeymoon being not far away. Too many factors dealing with our health and mental states were beginning to come into play. YAH has put things back together better than ever and I refused to allow our intimacy to suffer.

This smoothie, I think I’ll name; the Youth Boosting Bombshell.

Make Sure to rinse all products VERY WELL WITH COLD WATER. WHILE RUBBING THEM. It’s not a bad idea to soak them in 3 caps of Bragg’s ACV and a half sink of water.
To get started, I add 2 canned pear halves. Along with 4 oz. of pear juice.

Pears pears pears! Pears improve erectile dysfunction. According to eating pears THREE TIME’S weekly reduces sexual dysfunction by a beautiful 19%. Containing flavonoids and also anti-aging benefits due to antioxidants. Not to mention the: dietary fiber, folate, niacin for cellular function and energy production. Pears also contains Provitamin A which supports skin health and wound healing. They have copper and potassium. They are a great source of polyphenol, antioxidants and protect against oxidative damage. You need to be sure to eat the whole pear. As the peel packs up to SIX TIMES the polyphenols than the flesh. The lovely pear with its anti-inflammatory properties offers you a tasty source of insoluble fiber. Get you some and smash out with your Boo-thang.

Next up, I add 10 sliced sweet potatoe fries with 3.5 whole stalks of celery.

Celery great source of food for sexual stimulation. Celery contains a hormone called andosterone. Andosterone an odorless hormone released right away through male perspiration and turns women on. This beautiful thirst quenching vegetable boosts libido. How? You may ask. Try eating a few stalks a few hours before bed.

Celery contains many much needed nutrients like: beneficial enzymes and antioxidants, folate, androstenol, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, and is loaded with calcium and potassium. It lowers blood pressure, lowers inflammation, and aids in digestion.

Sweet potatoes contain potassium which is great for cramps. They help to fight high blood pressure associated with a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. They also have beta carotene for producing better cervical mucus. It is turned into vitamin A which keeps the vagina and uterus healthy to produce sex hormones.

Next, comes my favorite ingredient 2 tbsp chia seeds. Handful of raisins. (optional)
Add ice to your liking, then blend thoroughly. Pour up, then top with 1 tbsp chia seeds.

Chia Seeds are rich in: protein, fiber, iron, zinc(testasterone), as well as boosting stamina and circulation. While juicing nerve endings for an added sensory experience. Let’s not forget the omega- 3 & 6 fatty acids. These things pack eight times more omega-3 than salmon. Along with seven times the Vitamin C as oranges. That’s amazing. Todah YAH.


Consuming these foods in a close to fresh state consistantly; will yield grand results in a short amount of time. Try three weeks.

Todah for joining me on today. We’re getting loose with our spouses. I hope you come back to join me for the next great recipe. Don’t forget the playlist on YouTube. With that I’ll say, Shalowm Family!


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