A Taste of Grace.

My Heart had been hurting. I could hear very little. I didn’t know the space that I had been occupying. It did not seem to want to accommodate me. The vibe was off in This place.

I was standing in the middle of a path with weights scrapped to my back. My head hurt and my ears were too busy.

My thoughts piled up in my forehead. I couldn’t see the far off things. Yah always gave me vivid clips of what stood ahead. This time there were none.

So I asked Yah why? He answered by giving me shear joy and taking sorrow away. His Ruach came and is now settled in. My temple provided a beautifully ravaged place. For the foundation that HE has lain.

I have Grace. Inside of Grace. In solid ground I have planted my Faith. I have Madd crazy Faith. I have TOWRAH. I am allowed to experience Grace.

I have pain. Subsiding pain; pain forced aside by a vibrating bursting Joy. The force. Forcing a smile that can not be hidden away.

A Joy that’s truly unspeakable; radiating from a deep hidden secret place. Grace I will stay here. I’m invited. It is invited. Here is a New place. Have you had your taste of Grace?

Grace- to be invited into YAH’S SAFE (House) PLACE; but once you are in you have to abide by the rules. If not you run the risk of becoming the enemy of the owner of the house. And death.
©2019 Coretta Brewton

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