Create and thrive in a High Vibrational Career: Why The 9-5 grind is no longer a place for the women of Yisrael.

When YAH formed the woman it was a truly remarkable thing. Our purpose and HIS covenant with us is to me equally as amazing. We’re watchers, protectors in our own ways. We have a purpose to bare, lead, and raise the generations of Yisraelites born unto the Earth. To lead the world back to YAH BA HASHEM YAHAWASHI. We need stable minds and bodies. We need peace and shâlôwm when we work because family time can be slightly hectic all in itself.

I remember days of coming home after working at such a low vibration seven to 12 hours a day; five to seven days a week. To keep someone else’s deadline, therefore, increasing the notability of someone else and their business. (While I’m here let me expound on what I refer to as The 9-5 grind. It is working for the system all day every day. No time for anything but stress and ruining your body for $400 a week bringing home $315 or in my case making around $400 and sometimes around $295 a week. Struggle.)

Now let me make myself clear. You can work for another Israelite to get your grind on. Being in return, a blessing to your community. But, low vibrational jobs are usually connected to the system.

Think about this. How many people do you see running away from having their own business? Or from working as a part of a local small business? Just to go running back to the warehouse, assembly line, or checkout desk to slave for barely enough money to drive the distance on little or no sleep. Where they’re always hungry. Or having to smash food into their mouths to make it back to the line on time. It’s not happening.

We usually try our best to avoid these extremely low vibrational jobs. Jobs that breed sin and dysfunction. The work conditions are toxic to our mentals. I’ve seen so many lives changed fiercely on these types of jobs. The morals of the employees are low. Therefore, creating an atmosphere of lawlessness.

Ok, back to the matter at hand. I was angry at home. I was pissed off with my coworkers, but most times I could only stand the job because I loved the people. So when my home became a place of aggravation I knew that I could go to work to find some type of peace and shalom. So in a way, I feel like YAH was training me as he trawled me through the system.

Overall, I had not hated many jobs that I had had. I have learned so much from so many: beautiful, young, fat, stinky, old, short, brown, red, skinny, ugly, mean, angelic, captivating, eye-opening, teeth grinding, stern, elegant, high classed, poor, Extremely HIGH VIBRATIONAL until it was scary, cultured, rich, low vibrational, all the way to the newest of humans and people at a very pleasant mellow medium vibration. (Which in turn helps me to vibrate higher for some reason.) All of these people I hope were touched by me. I thank YAH for it all.

The skills, headaches and the heartaches I am grateful for. For real, for real. At the end of it all, I end up here. With a pencil in my hand vibrations at a high and bright level. Doing what YAH ordained for me. Who would have thought that this series of events would be lead by a simple thought. “I need a peaceful workspace. This place is not even safe for me.”

So I started ringing YAH’s bell. I needed direction. He gave it to me right in time. As soon as I quit. My job was robbed twice in the same week. I was the front desk person. Todah YAH for deliverance. So I traded in the workplace for a simple space. So that I can create what YAH shows me is for me.

As a woman of Yahudah YAH has assigned me to be a creator. To be a light that shines for HIS glory. So my workspace had to reflect the ability to home in on the presence of Abba. Instead of being in the workplace where I was having troubles with any attempts of honing in on the Ruach within myself. My health was failing and my permanent smile; starting to waste. YAH was not pleased and neither was Eye.

So Kardayah, what should I look for in a workspace? And did you say create?

Firstly, I did say create. You have the ability and promise from our Abba to create your own reality (Matthew 25:1-46). Your duty is to take what YAH has given you and use it to create. It’s much like flipping money. With a reap what you sow label attached to it. Abba is the sower of all. So he reaps whatsoever he needs from me. I know that HIS will is what’s best for me. I know that HE blessed Yisrael with gifts and mine make room for me (Proverbs 18:16).

So I create energy, thoughts, actions, images, sounds, feelings, and vibrations; to benefit my people. Which in return gives YAH HIS glory. Kardayah’s spoils are set aside by HIM. Now that I have created my way is being made.

Your workspace is and should be at the top of your list of firm standings; when it comes to finding a job. For this reason, it is a major part of how I created my High Vibrational Career. In hopes of convincing you to see why the 9-5 grind is no longer a place for the women of Yisrael. I’ll explain; just listen up.

So, how do you create a High Vibrational Workspace?

Well truthfully, I can’t answer that straight on. You and I are different beings, but of course, I will delineate mine, its function, and flow as a directional prototype for you.

Whenever, I started looking for my workspace I had already known that YAH wanted for me to write, sing, and to be a motivational speaker. So, this is what I had to build on. And so I did.

My “Why?”, happens to be because YAH said that no matter what I do HE has my back. Therefore, revealing to me the meaning of my name, KARDAYAH, along with my destiny. Of course, we should be thinking with righteous hearts(mindset, soul, mind, consciences).

Once you have gotten your purpose and “Why?”. Pick a spot.

Yes, any spot. A spot that makes you feel Ok. Try it out for a while. When things go wrong; go there and try to experience the thought that just maybe things are going to be ok.

  • Next, see if you can hear the Abba speak.

This is important because You can’t be lead by the Ruach if you can’t hear (shêmä or shâma- to hear, intelligently, call[gather], give ear, understand) clearly. Don’t get me wrong though. You don’t have to have a quiet workspace.

In my workspace, I see lots of birds. They are amazing souls. I am simply amazed by the Eastern Blue Bird. Its brown chest holds my attention while the indigo feathers adduce every warm, happy, pleasing vibration that I can muster for the color indigo. Even the word itself brings forth more truth. I feel that I have connected to my space and everything in it. This is when the Ruach Hakodesh resides with me. I know the Abba is here.

The birdhouse in the neighbors’ yard is secluded and empty at all times. Constantly, being left uncared for. Unlived in. Alone. I feel that the walls thereof would be joyful to see what I see.

I see trees for days. They seem to stretch high and wide enough to cover almost everything. Coming from a very tiny town; moving to a very small big city was not too much of a culture shock for me. But the trees in my workspace seem to continue for days.

Even though winter has left only a minute amount of leaves hanging. Their stories still go on. They calm my racing brain. Their strong calm speaks to me within my soul. They tell me to be heard, be seen and let the universe deal for me.

I’m protected. For this reason, I am allowed to create in shalom and peace. Here Abba YAH has planted me, therefore, here is where I’ll be.

Our backyard neighbor’s dog. Who can find any and everything to bark about. Is a black and white pit bull with a black face. Not huge, but threatening none the less. She, her love, two older pups, and three baby pups are all such a joy to watch. It’s amazing they all mostly look like Dad. I think they all have white faces except for one of the smallest pups.

She is always barking! But her vibrations have gone from hostile and rigid to exciting and bouncy. Cautioning all who step foot outside. Most times she ruins it for us, but not in my workspace. She and her family really add a worthwhile effect to my workspace. Todah YAH.

My space is near an airport. So I literally see and hear them as they clear the trees. It is like YAH was forcing me to face my fear of flying. I’ve always been terrified of them by the way, but deeply intrigued. We’d be on vacation and I would count each year; how many I had seen the whole trip. But the sound of them and lack of control terrified me.

So YAH put me RIGHT BY ONE. YES YAH HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR! It is a TERRIFYINGLY MINDBLOWING thing! So planes are here and they make me dream big when I hear them. If I had to put a sound clip to the feeling that I have when YAH sweeps me off of my feet. It would be the sound of a plane clearing the treetops taking off into the heavens.

Do you believe in time travel? I do. This is what happens when YAH sweeps me off of my feet. Then I am allowed to see what HE has shown me. Manifesting the things that HE wants me to see. HE encourages me. The Ruach tells me this. I’m listening. I hear(Shâma).

We are here as a crop duster stirs up nostalgia so strong that it brings me back home. To Daisy, GA; on quiet days. Everything around me speaking. My soul is quiet. My mind is still. I am wide open here. Here is where Abba YAH is allowed to pour more and more Ruach into my being. By the way, this is a featured amenity that I highly recommend you to look for in a workspace.

The pine trees in my workspace speak hope to me. They unveil to me with blatant signage of the fact that YAH sustains them. They are continuously covered. They are blessed to have HIM and they smell GREEEEEEAAT! They are not as big as their elders, but not small none the less. They stand at about nine or 10 feet in height. About four feet in width. I love them. They speak of a very promising future for me. They vibrate forever to me. Their smell is a blessing to me and themselves also. It vibrates peaceful prosperity to me. It takes me back to farm life. My idea of abundance. I’m here in my workspace. Here is where we create. HÂLLELUYAH!

Here on the sectional green and tan pillows allow for a perfect cubby for me; a life long lover of cabinets and small spaces. The metal frame makes for a sturdy, yet comfortable seat. Thank YAH for its “L” shaped design. It creates a perfect little spot for me to perch, feet up. If my husband decides to join in. There is enough space allowing a good distance of sofa keeping my vibrations at a constant. Despite any outside energy.

The smooth textured feel of the furniture both metal and cloth; makes for an alluring invitaiton to: open thought, detailed eyes, patience, acceptance, and contemplation. I feel like I can dwell here. I welcome the Ruach here.

Four candles on the bronze plater on the small black metal coffee tables in front of me, teach me. As the two tables join as one. The platter holds a spot of safety for the four. I have noticed that they wait. They wait together not ever being lit; yet, always there together. Two the size of eight ounce mason jars and the other two tealights that sit neatly and orderly in between. The bigger two cream colored and the smaller are tan. They flow together. They vibrate togetherness to me. It is Shalom.

A green rug complements my workspace. It tethers together what otherwise could go amiss. The design is lovely in my workspace. A wide open screened in porch is my space. It allows, while at the same time, radiates all light. I can breathe. I am protected by windows and doors. I can preceive revalations of open windows and doors. *Sisters, always look for naturally lighted areas they allow for higher vibrations.

Lastly, in my workspace is a barn and it may not seem much to most, but a shed. Yet, it means much more to me. Its vibrations are those of the potential home. Large and small enough for us.

It has open doors promising change. Easily, its small number of inhabitants seem so at peace. They are protected and covered.

The small shrub at the left of the entrance encourages me to strive for everything that Eye hear and see. In it I see me.

Her tiny leaves, mostly rounded and green. Stand in the hindsight of their awkwardly placed counterparts; who have seemed to yellow so gracefully. She seems proud of her barn and its inhabitants.

She seems blessed to stand on the same grounds as her neighbouring two amazingly blessed pinetrees. Stading more than 10 feet away from Her. She vibrates: perserverance, aspirations, hard work, accomplishments, fullfillment, obediance, grace, still, and destiny.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the white barn, the shrub, and the down right amazing pinetrees. Is a firepit that vibrates freedom to start again. To do what I love and to do it the way that it works for me. I see fun and adventure. I feel excitement and mystery. I am at peace.

I have found my workspace. I have invited the Ruach to dwell with me. Abba is in my presence and HIS universe is working for me. I am at peace. I have Shalom!

All in all, YAH made us to have to work as punishment to us for sin(transgression of the law[Torah]). But your work should be yeilding fruit of your sowing. You sow squash; you get squash. Not kale. We are the literal light of the world so we need peace in Yisrael as a whole. Our women are suffering and being heavily influnced by the world including everything in it( 1 John 2:15). We are away from what is important. Constantly, trying to keep up with a standard set by, as I quote truth rapper John Boye, “A people who wasn’t chose to be a light to people”.

Not realizing that if we come out of the world YAH will align Us with Our life paths. Anyone can be taught to struggle in the 9-5 grind. You do not have to. Instead, create your grind. Find a workspace designed inside of You; by YAH. Dwell there and prosper.

Todah for reading. Remember, there are no mistakes. If you have read this then you are where you should be. We are not perfect. We all can benefit from vibrating higher. We will see and give more smiles. More discerned thoughts will be created and meditated upon. Allowing YAHAWAH to forge his sword and mold his clay.

Let us restore the order of Our Abba in our lives. We will in turn lead others to order. Then prosperity will rain down on Us. Quam Yahsharahla.

Peace, Blessings, and Shalowm Family


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